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Helping Congestion or Causing Congestion?

Koin News 6 disclosed nearly half of the 64 million expected "Street Tax" dollars would be spent on safety improvements associated with the Vision Zero plan.  Were you thinking the full 64 million would be spent on road repairs, paving and maintenance or that the improvements would improve traffic congestion?  Think again.   Lowering the speed limit and lowering the legal limit for drunk driving from 0.8 to...

Thinking about Harney County

A few people have asked me what I think of the Occupiers of Harney County.  In his work The Collapse of Complex Societies, archeologist Joseph Tainter identifies decreasing benefits from complexity as the great common thread among civilizational collapses.  Simply put, families, towns and entire provinces begin to get very little out of the central government; only unjustified and unfair controls and burdens.  The Harney County Committee of Safety


              Willamette Week reports that Portland’s young voters gave presidential candidate Bernie Sanders his biggest applause for the following 13 lines.  Those voters might want to consider some additional facts.

1. “This campaign is sending a message to the billionaire class: Yes, we have the guts to take you on.”

              Billionaires, as a class, have long...

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From the Trail

Welcome to the newly updated home of the Multnomah County Republican Party! On behalf of the Executive Committee, I'd like invite you to kick the tires on our brand new website. You can sign up for email alerts, connect with us on social media, check...

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