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Multnomah Republicans Criticize Brown’s Banana-Republic Moves

This morning’s Oregonian reports that Governor Brown has seized direct control of the State’s e-mail servers, and removed the bureaucrats who courageously stood up to former Governor Kitzhaber’s request to delete e-mails from those servers. They are now threatened with criminal prosecutions.  It is remarkable how fast the Democratic machine can move to protect against public disclosure:  less than a week for this criminal investigation to commence, but many months before anyone began to investigate former Governor Kitzhaber.


More thoughts on the media

What does it mean when 64% of leading reporters think the Obama Administration is spying on them?  What does it mean when 14% of them say that just in the past 12 months, such concerns have kept them from pursuing a story or reaching out to a particular source, or have led them to consider leaving investigative journalism altogether?  (Source:

Leading Oregon Democrat says Kitzhaber/Hales scandal "presents a potential crisis of confidence in government"

UPDATE: Less than five minutes after this post went live, the Oregonian says that Kitzhaber MUST RESIGN.

From Willamette Week:

“The facts need to come out sooner rather than later,” State Treasurer Ted Wheeler, a fellow Democrat, tells WW. “This presents a potential crisis of confidence in government.”

Kitzhaber’s insistence on drawing the public’s attention to the ethics commission, which can only levy civil fines, suggested he was diverting attention from a more serious concern:...

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