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Early Accomplishments of the Trump Administration

With an avalanche of negative media attacks against the Trump Administration, it is easy to lose sign of the concrete accomplishments, including signing thirteen Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions in his first 100 days, more than any other President. These resolutions nullified unnecessary regulations and blocked agencies from reissuing them.  President Trump also signed 30 executive orders during his first 100 days, and has worked with Congress to enact 28 laws during the first 100 days of his Administration.  Below...

Portland Public Schools Already Plotting to Evade Competitive Bidding with Anticipated Bond Proceeds

Earlier this week, a notice in the Business Tribune reported that the Portland Public Schools (PPS) have already drafted findings for what they call “an exemption from the Competitive Bidding Requirement for the following work:  District-wide Fixture and Partial Pipe Replacement”.  This language refers to the poster child for the PPS bond measure:  fixing the lead problem PPS concealed for years. 

Portland Public Schools and the Anarchy in Portland: An e-mail from Kate

A concerned Portland parent writes to the Multnomah County Republican Party about a revolution in education within the Portland Public Schools.  As the schools teach a history focused on race, gender and oppression, they raise a generation that is no longer a united America, but a seething mass of conflicting groups.  Deliberately-engineered ignorance of American history is a threat to us all.  If, after reading this "Letter from Kate," you are interested in meeting with other concerned parents in Portland to work for reform, let...

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