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  • Friday, May 29, 2015 at 06:30 PM · $33.00 USD · 8 rsvps
    Mojave Grill and Cantina in Gresham, OR

    At Outsider's Look at the Clintons, Their Cash, and Their Connections - An Evening With Trevor Loudon

    Democrat Hillary Clinton is running for President.  

    But what do we know about the Clintons, their cash, and their connections? Find out Friday, May 29.

    Trevor Loudon will share his research on the Clintons and other so-called progressives in our government. As a New Zealander he brings an outsider's view of the nefarious nogoodnik dealings of the Clinton's and their close advisers.  

    From Christchurch New Zealand, Trevor Loudon has been researching the radical left for more than 30 years.  

    Loudon has interviewed many people from both sides of the struggle over the years including former Western intelligence offices, government undercover operatives inside the communist movement, and former KGB officers.

    This research has given Loudon unique insight into how extensively often miniscule communist parties have been able to manipulate, and even control policy formation in many Western countries – particularly the “main enemy” the United States of America. Loudon’s research shows that this is not just a historical problem, but is a very real issue, threatening America’s national security, and indeed very survival, right up to the present day.

    Loudon has addressed more than 300 conservative, tea party, religious and Republican groups in more than 30 states including many in Oregon.

    He believes that if America should fall, so will every Western nation, including his beloved New Zealand.

    Enjoy a mind-blowing evening with Trevor Loudon over fine Mexican cuisine at Mojave Grill and Cantina in Gresham Friday, May 29 for only $33.00 in a fundraiser for Multnomah County Republican Party. The $33 price includes a buffet meal, gratuity, and a contribution to the Multnomah County Republican Party. Beverages can be purchased separately.



    Buffet menu includes cheese enchiladas, shredded beef, shredded chicken breast, tortillas, beans, rice, green salad, salsa and chips.

    Ticket includes the meal as above.  $33.00 is our fundraising price.  Beverages and/or dessert may be purchased separately during the dinner. All meal tickets to be purchased on line and ticket sales end at 5:00 pm Thursday the May 28.  No tickets are available at the door.  (This is our fundraising price - not Mojave's price.)



    The restaurant Mojave Grill and Cantina is located on the corner of NE 4th and NE Roberts which is between Powell and Division in downtown Gresham.  A large gravel parking lot is behind it accessed from NE 5th or NE Roberts.  The glassed in banquet room is upstairs.

    There will be a small silent raffle.  And we will have an opportunity to buy books written by Trevor Loudon and to get them autographed.  

  • Monday, June 01, 2015 at 06:30 PM

    MCRP Executive Committee Meeting 20150601 2.0

    Executive Committee of Multnomah County Republicans to meet and conduct county party business June 1st.  The office will open at 6pm for social chatting of all things political and then Eric will gavel open the meeting at 6:30. 

  • Monday, September 21, 2015 at 07:00 PM
    Mekong Bistro in Portland, OR

    Central Committee Meeting 20150921 2.0

    Credentialing of PCPs begins at 6:30 pm.   Food and beverages are available for purchase.  Chair Eric Fruits will begin the meeting at 7pm.  This is a meeting of the Multnomah County Republican Party Central Committee.  Any republican interested in becoming a precinct committee person is also welcome to attend.