Welcome to the newly updated home of the Multnomah County Republican Party! On behalf of the Executive Committee, I'd like invite you to kick the tires on our brand new website. You can sign up for email alerts, connect with us on social media, check out the latest news and find out how to get involved. You can also recommend our page to your friends who want to learn more and get involved! We're very excited about the Action Center you see to the right of the page - there are TONS of ways to get involved.

We want to hear from you, so please feel free to let us know how we're doing.

The more people we can get involved, the harder we can push back against the Deep Blue forces that run the Portland political machine. As we discovered in the 2010 Gubernatorial Race, Multnomah County holds the key to power for all of Oregon. Our charge as the GOP in Oregon's most populous county is to activate and motivate our volunteers to re-balance the power in Salem. It is the job of all Republicans to remind voters that a vibrant two-party system is the heartbeat of the American checks-and-balances form of government.

Thank you for everything you do for your Multnomah County Republican Party.

Chairman Jeff Reynolds

PS This new website is the culmination of a three year vision to reimagine our web presence, and to integrate the most influential social media platforms into one comprehensive dashboard. If you'd like to learn more, hit the Volutneer button and let us know. We will be conducting training sessions on the new platform in the near future, empowering our activists to maximize their influence. This new project would not have been possible without the hard work of the following dedicated volunteers, among many others: Leslie Newberry, Tony Svoboda, Frank Martin, Mark Katzke, Joe Teeney.

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