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Another Inspirational Message

Below is an excerpt from another inspirational message from Sundance at, which speaks to Republicans here in Multnomah County, beginning with the observation that "right now, at this very moment, President Trump is well positioned to win in 2020".  That being said: 

Statement on Last Night's Killing in Portland

Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) Chairman James Buchal issued an extended public statement on the killing last night of a person who, by all appearances was associated with a vehicle caravan through downtown Portland supporting President Trump, was killed because of his political beliefs, and whose death was celebrated by lawless mobs in Portland last night.  The killing came just one week after a volunteer at one of the MCRP's sites gathering signatures to recall Governor Brown was viciously...

Excerpts from "The Challenge of Marxism"

Many people underestimate the horrifying and imminent threat of Marxist hegemony in America, and what its means for Republicans in particular.  Below is an excerpt from a lengthy article, "The Challenge of Marxism," by Yoram Hazony.  We strongly recommend you read the entire article, published in Quillette.

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From the Campaign Trail

The May 19, 2020 Oregon Primary Election is approaching, and the Multnomah County Republican Party has invited the Republican candidates in the race to supply materials for posting on this Website.  Below is a list of all the candidates whose districts include Multnomah County.  Many...

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