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Important Information for November 5th Ballot

PRESS RELEASE: Cascade Policy Institute Publishes Comprehensive Study of Metro's Parks and Nature Program

PORTLAND, OR – In the next week or so, Portland area voters will receive their November ballots. One of the items is Measure 26-203: a $475 million bond measure by Metro, the regional government for the Portland area. Metro wants the money so it can buy more land for its so-called parks and nature program. Measure 26-203 will raise the region’s property taxes by about $60...

Remarks from the Labor Day 2019 Picnic

Several speakers, including but not limited to Senator Chuck Thomsen, Representative Mike Nearman, and National Committeewoman Chris Barreto, attended our Labor Day 2019 Picnic and Fundraiser.  What follows below are the closing remarks of Chair James Buchal.

Thank you all for coming. It is wonderful to see a group of like-minded people coming together for an event like this, and all involved deserve a lot of credit. In my closing remarks today, I want to talk about how bad things...

Summer Fundraisers and Petition Drive

As the 2020 election draws ever closer, and the Democrats double down on their electoral strategy of inciting envy against the productive, and division among identity groups, the stakes have never been higher for Oregon and the Nation.  Please help the Multnomah County Republican Party build its war chest for the 2020 election by participating in two fundraising events.

First, tickets are now on sale for the Labor Day Picnic and Fundraiser, which will be held at Blue Lake Regional...

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