This is not an MCRP Event.

We are here to represent the women that support and stand for the second amendment. As it is written by our forefathers. We are here to stand up against this new proposed bill that will strip away our tools used to protect their families. We are here as the female face in support of our constitutional rights. We are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, soldiers and veterans. We are the faces that have been in the shadows and we are unrepentant on many issues that concern us and our personal safety.

At least 200,000 times a year a woman uses a firearm to protect themselves from sexual assault. We are here to say we will not be victims of said crimes because we have made the choice to carry firearm or keep them in our homes to protect ourselves and our families.

Oregon Department of correction says that as of November 1, 2017 they have 45,600 on probation for felonies in Oregon. In the US alone felons stated that they would not engage with 3 out of 5 armed citizens. We have made the choice as women to be hard to protect ourselves and our families with firearms from 100% of them. We have made the choice to not fall victim to any of them, with the use of a firearm as protection.

Although these statewide rallies are coordinated, planned a a voice from women, we encourage ALL patriots attend in support of our 2A.

A clear message needs to be sent that we are not in support of our rights being infringed upon. This is not a left wing, right wing, male or female issue. This is an American right.

April 21, 2018 at 11:00am - 2pm

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