Another Inspirational Message

Below is an excerpt from another inspirational message from Sundance at, which speaks to Republicans here in Multnomah County, beginning with the observation that "right now, at this very moment, President Trump is well positioned to win in 2020".  That being said: 

We must ask for every vote. We must engage with every voter. We must reach out to our friends and neighbors and, importantly, we must break out of our comfort zone and engage everywhere. YOU must be the force multiplier.

Our opposition message is weak, filled with negative energy and shallow. However, they are also well organized and their allies control the messaging mechanisms. Those elements are rabid, focused and intense; and they must not be downplayed because despite their tribal deficit they are willing to fight, scheme, lie and cheat to achieve their objective.

The difference in this election will be you.

Your engagement will be what makes the difference this time.

If you worked hard in 2016 you are going to be asked to work even harder, thanklessly, in 2020. If you registered a handful of voters in 2016, now you need to register twice that many so that we can offset the fraud. This is why it is important to increase your own personal influence by staying positive and upbeat.

A joyful crowd sharing fellowship while eating pizza from a box on the tailgate of a pick-up truck is more effective than a stuffy cocktail party fraught with high-minded pontification and worry. Engage with joy and purpose… this is how we expand our tribe; the American spirit will win every time.

No entity has ever won a contest of significance by downplaying the fortitude of our nation. We rally to the standard when we know the importance. So share the message of importance right now; and, if needed, get comfortable about being uncomfortable while doing it. We need everyone in this fight.

If you find yourself worried – take action. Taking action is empowering because it carries a cascading sense of purpose. Pick up some voter registration forms and keep them in your car or purse. Carry extra pens and be prepared when the opportunity presents itself to you. Talk to as many people about what they can do and share the actions they can take by showing the actions that your are taking.

Don’t leave anything on the table and carry no regrets. Our united MAGA message and ‘America First’ policies are American; they benefit every group and create abundance. The opposition message is filled with division, fear and scarcity. We have the better message.

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  • Terri Guill-Reis
    commented 2020-09-04 19:29:45 -0700
    James, rumor has it that you’re going out for office. Is it true?🙏