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March 8th, 2022 is the last day to sign up to be an elected PCP in the May 17, 2022 Primary Election. Click on this LINK to register to be a PCP candidate.

Find you precinct here.  

67,000 Multnomah Republicans look to PCPs for neighborhood leadership.

Precinct Committeewomen and Committeemen are the Multnomah County Republican Party Central Committee.

An elected PCP has the power to vote on party policy decisions, elections of delegates to the ORP, and elections for MRP leadership.

As a front-line elected member of the county party, you have influence within the party. You represent Republicans in your neighborhood at Central Committee Meetings and communicate with voters in your home precinct.

A PCP is a Republican ACTIVIST!
This is America's Republican form of government.

The Multnomah Republican Party stands for:
We work politically to preserve what we believe to be the greatest result of our American Civilization:


  • Meet registered Republicans within walking distance of your home.
  • Activate the Republican base and recruit volunteers from your precinct.
  • As a voting member of the Central Committee, be proactive and attend meetings to build the party.
  • Campaign in your neighborhood during elections; distribute election literature and ask citizens to vote for Republican candidates.
  • Put lawn signs on you property.
  • Participate in Republican phone banks and outreach campaigns.

MCRP will insist that every write-in vote is counted by the Elections Division.

A Republican can also be appointed PCP by the County Chairman and confirmed by the MCRP Central Committee.

The Organized Grass Roots of the Party

House District Captains
The House District Captains, elected by the district precinct Committeepersons or appointed by the Chairman, will administer programs of material distribution and precinct organization. It is the duty of the House District Captain(s) to act as liaison between the Committeepersons in their House District and the Executive Committee.

Area Leaders
The House District Captain(s) shall appoint area leaders who will be assigned various responsibilities.

Just fill out the PCP Appointment Form and return it to the MCRP office or any officer to get appointed a Precinct Committee Person.

Additional Resources

Here are additional resources you need to become an effective activist. Want to know the status of a bill in Salem? Want to contact your city council or county commissioners? Need information on the Multnomah County GOP? Check the links below.

CLICK HERE for the latest version of our bylaws.

To Find Your State & Federal Legislators

Oregon Legislative Updates, to sign up for automatic updates from your state legislators and committees. Stay up-to-date on what's happening in Salem!

Track or Search State Bills


Other Links of Interest:

Oregon.GOP, on Facebook, on YouTube

Oregon House Republicans, Caucus Page, on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube

Oregon Senate Republicans, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube

Republicans in the US House, on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube

Republicans in the US Senate, on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube


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  • Ray Armendariz
    commented 2021-12-29 13:30:38 -0800
    Multnomah Republican population need to be closer to 820,421.
  • Ray Armendariz
    commented 2021-12-29 13:26:40 -0800
    “67,000 Multnomah Republicans look to PCPs for neighborhood leadership.” This number needs to grow. Just saying.
  • Ray Armendariz
    commented 2021-12-29 13:13:47 -0800
    I’m a Independent but I always vote Republican.
  • Nancy Cole
    commented 2021-11-13 11:11:05 -0800
    Your Multnomah County Republican Central Committee address is invalid. So is the phone number. What is the new PO Box for this Republican Central Committee and new phone number? Thank you.