Business owners say Portland's politicians are ruining Chinatown

James Huffman is a law professor at Lewis & Clark and ran as a Republican for U.S. Senate against Ron Wyden. He was also an investor in a now-closed restaurant on the edge of Portland's Chinatown. 

He reports in the Oregonian, that Portland's selective enforcement of its own laws is driving out law-abiding and tax-paying businesses while encouraging an illegal camp.

The problem for [Greek restaurant] Alexis and other businesses in Chinatown, including now closed Ping (in which I was an investor), is that longtime customers stopped coming. They stopped coming because Chinatown is a mess, and at the heart of that mess is RightToDreamToo (R2D2), an illegal homeless camp the "city that works" has tolerated for nearly four years.

Actually our fearless leaders have not just tolerated the camp. They have encouraged it, praised it and helped arrange for nearly a million dollars to support it. There was a plan to move it in 2013, but the more influential folks in the Pearl District objected. So it remains an open sore in Chinatown while jobs that would help get the R2D2 campers off the streets are lost to dying businesses.

Read the whole thing over at the Oregonian.



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State of the Union speech: "Amusingly detached from the reality"

The Wall Street Journal's concludes that the State of the Union speech was "amusingly detached from the reality of the largest GOP majority in Congress since 1949."

But first observe the irony: The President has suddenly discovered that middle-class incomes have plunged on his watch, and he’s demanding that Congress address this with more of the same policies that have done so much to reduce middle-class incomes.

White House aides are saying their boss’s plan for $320 billion in new taxes on savings and investment to finance more transfer payments is a bid to be remembered as a Robin Hood. This would be accurate if our hero and his merry men had shaken down Sherwood Forest for the benefit of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Mr. Obama has spent six years trying to redistribute income, but all he’s done is make the income gap between rich and poor wider.

Read the whole thing at

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Oregon Legislature: More than 50 new taxes and counting!

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon reports that the Democrats running the Oregon Legislature have already lined up 50 NEW TAXES or TAX INCREASES! And, this is on top of Democrat ideas to get rid of the Kicker and to raise property taxes.

It's so bad, in fact, that the Willamette Week says that the Democrats want to open "tax floodgates."

Here are the first 50 ...

HB 2066 – Increases cigarette tax and provides for distribution of increase in revenue.

HB 2073 – Disallows, for purposes of personal income taxation, mortgage interest deduction for residence other than taxpayer’s principal residence if taxpayer’s federal adjusted gross income exceeds $125,000, or $250,000 if reported on joint return.

HB 2074 – Expands definition of tobacco products for purpose of taxationto include electronic cigarettes and nicotine solution.

HB 2075 – Increases plane fuel tax

HB 2076 – Provides that corporate minimum tax may not be reduced, paid or otherwise satisfied by use of tax credits.

HB 2078 – Imposes state property tax on property subject to local ad valorem property taxation.

HB 2079 – Requires, for Oregon corporate excise or income tax purposes, addition to federal taxable income of amount of employee compensation over prescribed limit.

HB 2080 – Provides that for first property tax year after sale or transfer of property, assessed value and maximum assessed value equal real market value of property.

HB 2082 – Imposes tax on each fuel supplier and utility based on amount of carbon in carbon-based fuel that is sold by fuel supplier to consumers in state or that is used to produce carbon-generated electricity supplied by utility to consumers in state.

HB 2086 – Imposes fee on fossil fuel or fossil fuel-generated electricity to be paid by vendors.

HB 2088 – Broadens types of communications services on which municipalities may impose privilege tax.

HB 2096 – Provides that corporate minimum tax may not be reduced, paid or otherwise satisfied by use of tax credits, other than certain tax credits allowed for energy conservation facilities.

HB 2097 – Modifies conditions for optional reduced rates of personal income tax on nonpassive income attributable to partnership or S corporation by aligning with federal provision that allows for elective grouping of related entities that form economic unit.

HB 2098 – Limits property tax exemption under strategic investment program to real property, other than land and buildings, and personal property.

HB 2099 – Modifies list of jurisdictions of incorporation for which income must be included on Oregon corporate excise tax return, if corporation is member of unitary group with Oregon corporation.

HB 2100 – For purposes of corporate excise tax, includes corporation doing business or incorporated in foreign country in determination of unitary relationship among corporations.

HB 2104 – Creates or adjusts sunset for certain income and corporate excise tax expenditures not required under federal law or Oregon Constitution.

HB 2134 – Expands definition of “tobacco products” for purpose of taxation to include electronic cigarettes and nicotine solution.

HB 2135 – Removes prohibition against local government enactment of taxes on alcoholic beverages.

HB 2136 – Limits qualified residence interest deduction for personal income taxpayers.

HB 2137 – Imposes sales tax on sales in this state of works of art having sales prices of $250,000 or higher.

HB 2151 – Limits, for purposes of personal income taxation, availability of itemized deductions.

HB 2153 – Limits, for purposes of personal income taxation, availability of itemized deductions.

HB 2159 – Imposes tax on each fuel supplier and utility based on amount of carbon in carbon-based fuel that is sold by fuel supplier to consumers in state or that is used to produce carbon-generated electricity supplied by utility to consumers in state.

HB 2160 – Removes prohibition against imposition of taxes by county on cigarettes and tobacco products.

HB 2162 – Removes prohibition against local government imposition of taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products.

HB 2163 – Repeals prohibitions against local government imposition of certain taxes.

HB 2166 – Increases tax on cigarettes.

HB 2401 – Creates excise tax on wild bird feed.

HB 2459 – Increases certain fees related to registering and titling boats, floating homes and boathouses.

HB 2550 – Increases fuel tax and motor carrier taxes.

HB 2555 – Increases cigarette tax.

HB 2590 – Enacts uniform sales and use tax administration provisions.

HJR 1- Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to allow bills for raising revenue to pass with simple majority of both houses.

HJR 3 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to require that initiative petition proposing law or constitutional amendment with fiscal impact also provide new tax or fee or increase in rate of existing tax or fee to cover immediate and future costs of law or amendment.

HJR 8 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to repeal individual income tax surplus refund “kicker” provision.

HJR 9 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to allow bills that repeal or suspend operation of tax expenditure to pass with simple majority of both houses.

HJR 10 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution allowing Legislative Assembly to impose taxes on carbon emissions for purpose of funding reductions in carbon emissions and carbon fuel use.

HJR 11 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution removing limitation of six percent of market value on rate of taxes imposed on oil or natural gas.

HJR 12 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to reset assessed value and maximum assessed value to real market value for property that is subject of sale or other transfer.

HJR 14 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution directing Legislative Assembly to adopt sales tax at rate of five percent on sales of tangible personal property and services and use tax at rate of five percent on purchase price of tangible personal property.

SJR 2 – Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to transfer excess personal income tax revenues to state school fund established by law to provide funding for kindergarten through twelfth grade public education.

SB 12 — Removes prohibition against local government enactment of taxes on alcoholic beverages.

SB 14 – Removes prohibition against local government imposition of taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products.

SB 228 – Increases fees and fee limits for registering tanning devices and X-ray machines and issuing specific licenses for sources of radiation.

SB 254 – Increases fee on motor vehicle fuel metering instrument or device in accordance with graduated schedule

SB 261 – Increases ballast water trip fee to $88.

SB 269 – Increases pilot registration fees.

SB 324 – Repeals sunset on provisions related to low carbon fuel standards.

SB 329 – Increases annual fee imposed on public utilities and telecommunications providers for purpose of defraying costs of Public Utility Commission.

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Multnomah County Fair 2014 is this weekend

Multnomah County Fai 2014

The 2014 Multnomah County Fair is this weekend, Saturday May 24th thru Memorial Day Monday May 26th. It is at Oaks Bottom Park and is open from Noon to 7pm daily. FREE admission to fair, parking and oaks park.

The fair is very family and kid friendly with train rides, roller coasters and other kids rides, small animal petting zoo, talent competitions, stage for music and performances, with lots of food and vendor booths.

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Can You Really Be The Most Powerful Person In The Republican Party?

One of the easiest and most productive ways to affect the political process is to devote a small amount of time volunteering as a PCP (Precinct Committee Person).  Many people are surprised to discover that a PCP is the most important person in our party.  As a Multnomah County Republican PCP you can help swing the vote in the right direction, and participate in the selection process to elect the Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

The 2014 elections are on the horizon.  With your help we can elect fiscally responsible Republicans as Oregon’s next Governor AND a Senator to represent us in Washington DC.

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Please Join Us For Our Lincoln Day Dinner Featuring Rafael Cruz

That's right, we were excited to announce this week that our Lincoln Day Dinner is set! It will be held February 15, 2014 and will feature keynote speaker Rafael Cruz. Click on the Calendar link above, or click here to be directed to the event for ticket info!

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Our Latest Email - UPDATE On Lincoln Day Dinner

Wow, what a whirlwind couple of weeks we've had at Multnomah County GOP HQ! It's been a while since we've updated you, so we wanted to let you know the latest news.

First off, you've surely seen the mountain of press that we received regarding the change in venue for our event. REST ASSURED - this event is still going on, and tickets are selling FAST! We were able to quickly secure a new venue once we saw the public pressure campaign that was mounted by the liberal activists in Portland - a pressure campaign that caused our original venue to cancel the contract. Despite taking their best shot, the Multnomah County Republicans are still standing, and we're going to have one seriously successful Lincoln Day Dinner.

The event will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Airport Way. Everything else remains unchanged.

All details can be found at our website by CLICKING HERE.

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Early Bird Special Ends December 31!

We hope you had a blessed Christmas season and are ready for the new year. Here at Multnomah County GOP HQ, we are gearing up for a very busy election year in 2014! We're going to need all hands on deck if we want to remove the two biggest liberal failures in Oregon, John Kitzhaber and Jeff Merkley. And we have several events on the calendar that will up our public profile in the community and raise the funds necessary to accomplish our goals.

Early Bird Ticket Special For Lincoln Day Dinner Ends December 31!

This is your final reminder that early bird pricing ends DECEMBER 31 for our Lincoln Day Dinner, featuring keynote speaker Rafael Cruz. This is our most important fundraiser of the year, and will help us provide resources to candidates throughout 2014. This promises to be a very invigorating evening - Pastor Cruz is one of the most dynamic defenders of liberty we can hope to see in Multnomah County. CLICK HERE to go to our event page to take advantage of the early bird ticket prices. Remember, prices go up January 1!

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Lone Survivor Movie - Veterans Appreciation Event

The Multnomah County GOP is helping to organize a Veterans appreciation event for the movie 'Lone Survivor'. An MCRP member has offered over two dozen tickets and we've added to that amount to reach 40 tickets to be given FREE to Veterans to come see this movie. We encourage others to join us as well on Sunday, January 12th, 2014, 3:30pm show at the Regal Cinemas theater on 166th & Division in Portland.

The movie is based on true events that occurred to a team of Navy SEALs and other military personnel during Operation Red Wings in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2005. As the movie title suggests, only one (Marcus Luttrell) of the original four SEALs returned alive, and this movie tells the story of that fateful mission and events surrounding it.

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Our Latest Email!

Well, it certainly was interesting to watch the news the past few weeks! John Kitzhaber formally entered the race for an unprecedented 4th Term as Governor, and his announcement landed with a thud. Perhaps his record is finally catching up to him - check out our website for a partial list of 'achievements' that should give all Oregon voters pause (click here).

Maybe Multnomah County is waking up and realizing that the big government statist policies of the Democrats are a giant failure.

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No Fourth Term For Kitzhaber!

Here at Multnomah County Republican Headquarters, we caught wind of Governor Kitzhaber's press conference scheduled for this morning where he's expected to announce his intentions to run for an unprecedented fourth term. While we applaud the call to public service and honor anyone willing to step up, we think it's about time he return to the private sector. After all, term limits should have kicked in, except for the loophole that the law only covers consecutive terms.

In any event, we welcome Kitzhaber into the race, which finds a strong Republican challenger who's already been campaigning for many months - Rep. Dennis Richardson is giving him a run for his money by citing math, facts and credible budget predictions (none of which are strong suits for Kitzhaber). You can find out more about Dennis at his website by clicking here.

In case you were wondering, here's a list of "accomplishments" just from Kitz's third term. If you agree that this hit parade leaves a lot to be desired, we invite you to check out the Republican alternative.


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150th Anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln in 1863 at the age of 54On this day 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on the afternoon of Thursday November 19th, 1863 at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetary in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The speech was just over two minutes long and reiterated the principles of human equality as espoused in the Declaration of Independence.





Senator Ted Cruz, Remembering the 150th Anniversary of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address


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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas visited the University of Portland on Thursday September 19th, 2013

A townhall style discussion was held at the University of Portland's Chiles Center on Thursday September 19th 2013, with U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas and UP political science professors Gary Malecha and William Curtis. The professors and several students asked questions to Thomas while an audience of 1,200 people listened intently.

Justice Thomas stated he came from humble beginnings and relayed a childhood of adversity living in Georgia in the 1950's & 60's and the daily positive message and insisting that "we were equal" from Irish Catholic nun teachers during elementary school. He relayed stories of growing up in the South and the turbulence of the 1960's, the Civil Rights era and remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being assassinated and how that event affected him, and being kicked out of the home by his grandfather after quitting the seminary.

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Actor Joseph Phillips speaks at Portland State University on Friday October 25th, 2013

Actor Joseph Phillips gave the speech "Race in America" at PSU College Republicans/Young Conservative of Oregon on Friday October 25th, 2013. Joseph's speech was about how the African American community conducts itself, the hyper sensitivity of anything that could be construed as racism or a racist act. He discussed and gave suggestions as to how Republicans can be more aware of that sensitivity, be more aware of what is going on in the African American community and how to conduct themselves regarding race relations and their needs. He elaborated on the psychology that the African American community has a strong "survival" instinct and is always on guard to what might threaten their survival as a community, and racism or racist acts are perceived as threats to their survival. The same is felt when there are discussions of welfare reform or attempts to reduce waste, fraud or abuse in the different welfare programs. Rather insightful.

You may know Joseph from his regular acting appearances on The Cosby Show and General Hospital and guest appearances on other TV shows, and he has been in several movies. He occasionally travels the US and speaks on college campuses and foundations and has also taught acting workshops. Mr. Phillips had a weekly column "The Way I see It" for 8 years that appeared in over 30 publications across the country and was a regular on a few radio shows. Joseph has also been on several Republican steering committees and boards of directors. He is also a small business owner of Daddy J's WingShack in Encino California. Being a black conservative in hollywood/los angeles is no easy task, but he stays true to his principals and values. Joseph is married and has 3 children.

We thank these two organizations for inviting Joseph to portland to give his speech and insights.

Portland State College Republicans

Young Conservatives of Oregon


Video part 1 of 5


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Oregon City Peace Officer Robert Libke Fund

Officer Robert Libke Fundoregon city police office Robert Libke Fund

Those wishing to donate to assist Oregon City Officer Robert Libke and his family can do so as follows:

  • Stop at any branch of Clackamas Federal Credit Union. Donations are to the Clackamas County Peace Officers' Benevolent Foundation into the Officer Robert Libke Fund.
  • Mail a donation to the Clackamas County Peace Officers' Benevolent Foundation at PO Box 426, Oregon City, OR 97045. Make checks payable to the CCPOBF and put Officer Robert Libke Fund on the memo line.

Any cards or notes with best wishes will be forwarded to the family.



clackamas county peace officers benevolent foundationThe Clackamas County Peace Officers' Benevolent Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit.




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