Comcast ghost-wrote Secretary of State Kate Brown's letter supporting Time-Warner deal

The Oregonian reports that Comcast's pending, $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable has divided politicians across the country, with some jurisdictions – including Portland – warning that the deal would create a mammoth company that could deter competition and raise prices.

Some politicians, however, including Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown, are enthusiastic supporters:

On Monday, the online tech journal The Verge looked at some of the letters of support from Comcast's political supporters and found they were ghostwritten – sometimes word-for-word – by the company itself. That isn't particularly surprising: Politicians often write letters of support at the behest of their supporters, and legislators frequently propose bills written by lobbyists.

Still, it's revealing to see who Comcast has lined up in support of its bid.

The Verge notes that Comcast has contributed nearly $10,000 to Brown's campaigns for secretary of state. (Comcast is also a big supporter of Gov. John Kitzhaber, who has not registered an opinion with the FCC on the Time Warner deal.)

Through a public records request, The Verge found that Brown worked closely with Comcast in writing her letter of support, using language the company had proposed.

And you thought Republicans were the party of Big Business ...

UPDATE: Comcast did not ghost write Kate Brown's entire letter of support, according to Consumerist, the Democrat "tweaked" three sentences.

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