Help A Young Republican If You Can

One of our young Republicans (and Multco PCP) was among the top 5% of several thousand applicants for an internship at the CATO Institute. The institute has now invited Cheldon Chriestenson, along with the rest of that elite group, to Washington D.C. this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday for training in becoming effective voices for conservatism in their home states.

The Cato Institute is paying all expenses for Cheldon while in D.C., but he's had to pay his own way to get there and back. Because time was short, he didn't have time to set aside money or raise funds and paid for the tickets on a card. We'd like to help out with his expenses. If you would like to contribute to invest in the development of a young Republican for effective action here at home, contact me with your e-mail address and the amount you'd like to contribute and we'll send you a request for that amount via PayPal so you'll be able to contribute securely by card. No tax deduction, just a chance to invest in the all-important youth voice our party desperately needs. Thanks!

The email address is [email protected].

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