In Memory of Leo Stratton

We are saddened to hear that one of our Central Committee members, PCP Leo Stratton, perished in truck accident early Wednesday morning, September 12th. For the past several years, Leo actively promoted conservative causes and worked to film the misbehavior of the Left in Portland. His work was published under his own YouTube channel and on websites such as Red Elephants and Gateway Pundit.

“Leo had the rare qualities of courage and the willingness to be active against the rising tide of communism in this country. We will miss him and his work for liberty."  James L. Buchal, MCRP Chair

"Leo was a true Patriot he was always on the frontlines. Fearless as they come with a great temperament to get us through. You will be missed sweet friend."  Cheryl Bowen MCRP Vice Chairman

A GoFundMe page has been set up for his surviving family.

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