It's Time to Put the Pressure on Trump to Perform

The battle of the soul of the Trump Administration now begins.  Only time will tell whether this Administration will bring real reform to lift unreasonable shackles of government from the rural West or adopt the Bush Administration’s policy of neglect.  As always, the result will depend on people.  Whom Trump chooses to occupy the thousands of Federal offices, the inhabitants of which are presently eating out the substance of rural America, is critical.

This is not a time for complacency.  The Left will never participate in Trump’s vision to “come together as one united people”.  Trump cannot drain the swamp and “be President for all Americans.”  America is too full of swamp parasites that have sucked the life out of our rural, natural-resource-based economies—and indeed have pursued a Nationwide campaign of destruction.  The Trump Administration can and should respect and acknowledge environmental concerns, and treat those who advocate them with respect, but that respect cannot and should not continue to foster public policy based on the outright lies and fraud that have pervaded environmental decisionmaking for a generation.

 It is time for those who supported Trump to bring every ounce of pressure they can muster on Trump and his Transition Team to take arms against the Leftist host, heedless of the virulent opposition any tiny bit of reform will engender.  Without an army of Trump supporters backing Trump in this struggle, he may well succumb to the siren call of Establishment acceptance.  In short, if you want change, think hard about which particular Federal officials have crippled your communities, find candidates to replace them, and get to work advocating for those candidates.

Address your concerns to William F. Hagerty, Director of Appointments, Trump Presidential Transition Committee, 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., 20006.  A website form is available at  Of course, if you know someone who knows someone, give the information to them—this is, after all, politics


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