MCRP Chair Addresses Downtown Republican Women

Below is the text of some remarks made by Chair James Buchal to the monthly meeting of the Downtown Republican Women on November 8, 2017. not including improvisations.

I want to talk to you today about just how bad things really are and why I think it's important for you and others to step forward and try and make them better.  And I am going to use some strong words, like calling people commies, and calling them enemies, and I want to give you an explanation of why I use words like that.

I just got back from a week-long trip to Virginia, where I was helping move my mother out of our family home in Alexandria.  And so I know a little bit about the College of William and Mary in historic Williamsburg, VA, which is, or was, a leading educational institution in Virginia.  And recently, the ACLU tried to give a talk on freedom of speech on campus, and they were shouted down by thugs claiming “liberalism is white supremacy” and “the revolution will not uphold the Constitution”.  

But it gets worse.  At first, the ACLU who issued a public statement condemning this behavior.  But then hundreds of ACLU staff members protested, and are asking the organization to abandon its “rigid stance” in favor of free speech.  Universities are now hold forums about whether words like “build a wall” or even “you need Jesus” constitute hate speech that cannot be allowed.

The other thing I noticed last week was a church in Alexandria, Christ Church, which I have attended, which has two famous parishioners George Washington and Robert E. Lee.  Their families helped build that Church, but the leadership is removing the plaques commemorating their efforts, because they might offend someone.  More and more people around us demand that we change our ways to protect their feelings, but these feeling are really not normal. 

I tell you about this, because the problems we have are not just in Oregon.  We have plenty here.  What does it mean when large gangs of thugs wearing masks and carrying weapons are running wild in Portland?  What does it mean when our own Mayor leaves his home to escape to a hotel when confronted with these thugs, instead of having them arrested?  It might mean our leaders are simply cowards.  But it might mean we have evil powers in the shadows raising up an army of these thugs, and that our own leaders are somehow allied with them.  Either way, it is not a good sign.

About ten days ago at the Republican State Platform Convention, we had a guest speaker tell us how communist intellectuals had been at work for decades, and specifically targeted the schools of education.  I realized what was going on more than twenty years ago when I went to a parent-teacher conference in Canby and the young teacher brightly told me that research showed that they should not correct all the wrong answers on papers, because it will interfere with you child’s self-esteem.  The decay of our public schools is not a new problem.  Even in the 1950s, the Army suddenly realized its recruits couldn’t read anyway, because the intellectuals had decided to change the way reading was taught. 

Things are very bad here in Portland.  The Portland schools gave kids time off to go block traffic to protest President Trump.  The Portland schools don’t teach that there ever was something special and unique about America; they focus on the worst about our history, and the best about every two-bit commie hellhole, like Cuba or Russia.  

I got an impassioned e-mail from a Portland mother about this, detailing what had happened to the history curriculum in Portland schools.  Wasn’t there anyone else who cared about this, she asked?  I had to tell her I couldn’t find anyone else.  Where are the mothers of Portland?  Perhaps you all can tell me why the women of Portland are subjecting their children to a sort of organized child abuse. 

We have a generation of young people who are so ignorant and brainwashed that they think they’d be better off under communism, though they call it socialism.  And brainwashing is now something to be proud of, apparently.  Last week, California’s Governor bragged at a public event in Europe that we needed more brain-washing in America, because we need a world government to fight climate change and free-thinking Americans were standing in the way.

It’s not just a problem with teaching history.  What does it mean when the foundational moral principles in the Bible cannot be taught in the schools, and the only teaching on good and evil is about the evils of racism, and sexism, and pollution?  What does it mean when the focus is on identifying and preventing so-called “microaggressions”?  Our schools aren’t teaching critical thinking, they’re crybaby victimhood.

Moral principles are what really stir people to political action.  And the primary moral principles motivating the next generation are a bunch of empty commie slogans crafted to give power to the Left, not eternal truths. 

For example, “Diversity is our strength” is now hammered in as a moral principle.    So we now have so many immigrants, that 44% of the households in California aren’t speaking English at home.  Flooding a country with new voters who don’t even know American language and culture can’t possibly preserve what makes us special.  That is the idea, to bring us down.

The next generation is reverting to a primitive, superstitious level of thinking, vulnerable to the witch doctors manipulating them.  

And this isn’t working out well.  If your highest moral principle is equality, of it’s fine for the children to go to crappy public schools, or suffer crappy health care, so long as everyone is suffering.  You don’t care if very high taxes and disincentives for working make everyone poorer, so long as they are equally poor.  Of course this doesn’t apply to the enlightened leaders.

Republicans know that inequality is not a bug in the American program, it is a feature.  Virtuous conduct, whether it is thrift, industriousness or sexual restraint, has to be rewarded, or you will not get more of it.  But now our government punishes thrift, subsidizes laziness, and preaches sexual license.  And so we get less and less virtuous conduct by our citizens.  

Again, this is not happening by accident.  It is happening because a group of people are pushing to make it happen.  I lump them all together and just call them commies, because whether they call themselves Antifa or Black Lives Matter or the Democratic Party, they are all pushing in the same wrong directions. 

Some of you may flinch when I put the Democratic party in the same bucket as Antifa, but it is important to understand that the Democratic party has been turned into a revolutionary movement, and the ordinary face of it, pursuing the democratic process in election, is only one of the avenues for political change that the leaders are pushing. 

More and more people are even waving the red flags of communism, or wearing T-shirts of communist leaders like the mass-murdering psychopath Che Guevara.  They are taught that they are entitled to something for nothing, and become angry and resentful when they cannot have it. 

A prominent Republican Congressman was nearly shot to death.  This weekend, some deranged socialist broke five of Senator Rand Paul’s ribs.   And then a member of the atheist Antifa shot a whole congregation in Texas, and probably would have gotten away if it wasn’t for a local citizen shooting back.  Historical statues are being vandalized and torn down.  The old-time Spaniards will tell you this was what really marked the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Back in 1956, J. Edgar Hoover told America:

“The menace of communism in this country will remain a menace until the American people make themselves aware of the techniques of communism. No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it.  Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

I want to suggest to you that now, sixty years after J. Edgar Hoover’s warning, this problem is as plain as the nose on your face.  It is in the news every day, if you look beyond the fake news networks.  Can you see it yet?  Can you see these forces are rising in America that want to destroy all that is good and decent? 

We can call it communism; we can call it socialism; but it is all rooted in the same thing going back to the Tenth Commandment:  “Thou shalt not covet”. The world is full of people who covet.  They want something for nothing. 

The very worst among us push their way to political leadership, and they ride to power on a wave of promises of free stuff.  They promised themselves such huge pensions that the only way to pay for them is to raise taxes so high no one can ever afford to retire except legislators and government workers.

Larger and larger sectors of our economy are now effectively run by the government.  Perhaps as many as 60% of all jobs now require some sort of government approval, training, or licensing before you can take the job.  We have escalating requirements for credentials that lock more and more people out of jobs they are perfectly capable of doing, because they cannot pay the exorbitant costs of getting those credentials.

Many of the larger American businesses no longer seek to compete in a free market.  Instead, they try to cripple their competitors through one regulatory scheme or another. The resulting disasters, ranging from bailouts to wind farms, suck the life out of the country. 

And worst of all, as our future withers away, this all gets blamed on capitalism.  But the only capitalism left is for the small businesses that have to compete; the rich have crony capitalism, which just another kind of something for nothing socialism.

Crooked Democrats and cowardly Republicans destroyed small business in health care, and destroyed the very concept of health insurance.  Now it’s just another tax, for health care that more and more resembles a trip to the DMV, because every tiny decision is subject to multiple layers of government approval and oversight.  More and more Americans are really for slavery, as long as it is slavery of doctors, and nurses, or anyone else who can give them free stuff. 

In short, the entire system is rotten. It is corrupt.  Our leaders are corrupt.  In Oregon, we suffer under a criminal gang that siphons off billions of dollars and accomplishes little that actually serves ordinary Oregonians.  They can’t build a bridge, a road or a website that works, but they can line their pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars from the taxpayers pretending to do so. 

But that’s not even the worst thing.  Again, the worst thing is the attack upon the moral foundations of this country.  Human beings seem to be designed with a slot in their brains just waiting to be filled with moral teaching, but now that hole is being filled with poisonous propaganda.  We raise our children to worship animals and forests, and to think that there is nothing special about humans, that we are just another kind of animal that needs its population drastically reduced to protect Mother Earth.  Once upon a time, worship of the created instead of the creator was recognized as dangerous heresy.  Now it is practically the Oregon state religion, and it’s killing the future of our rural communities.

We are told that vicious, proven killers have a right to live, but viable fetuses eight months old don’t.  We are told that very young children need to be taught about unnatural sex long before they would have any natural interest in the subject at all.  We are told that the revolutionary political ideals of this country, like inalienable rights, ideas that burst like a flare illuminating the politics of the entire world, are nothing but “white privilege”.  And we are told that more government is the answer to every problem, when it is government that making almost every problem worse. 

Some of you may think I am stressing morality too much.  There has long been a regrettable division in the Oregon Republican Party between those primarily concerned about rising immorality and those primarily concerned with rising debt and bad public policy.  But all these things are a product of a concerted effort by our enemies; they are two wings of the same evil bird.

We need to get along with our fellow Republicans who are focusing on the other wing of the bird, and stop acting they smell funny or something.  We are not going to win the fight to save America unless we stop fighting with each other.

I used think I could reason with people on the Left.  Doesn’t the Bible say, “come, let us reason together”.  Sure, you can try.  But you can’t do that with people who teach, and I quote, “dialog is violence”.  At Reed College, the commies are trying to shut down the core course on Western civilization, not by reasoning with the professors and students about defects in the course, but by making so much noise that the lectures cannot continue.  How can you reason with some psycho who simply shouts, hey, ho, hey, ho, Western civ. has got to go? 

Patrick Henry said:  “it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth.”  The truth is that we don’t have anything in common with people saying, and I quote, “patriotism is racism” or “Western culture has to go”.  The truth is that these people are no longer our countrymen.  The truth is that these people are enemies

The old Chinese proverb is that one-third follow the way of life, one-third follow the way of death, and one third are just following.  We can get along with those who are just following.  It is our job to make them follow us.  But we cannot get along with those who are committed to the path of death, and want to force us by state power to follow them. 

These ideas, that patriotism is racism; that human rights evaporate whenever those exercising state power want them to; that our Republican form of government is no better than any other government--these are all evil ideas.  They do damage wherever they are taught.

For too long we have tolerated those who are spreading this filth.  We employ them in our public schools and universities.  We tax ourselves to pay their salaries. 

Many, many philosophers have pointed out that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.  This is no longer a philosophical question for us.  We are allowing evil to destroy the future of this country, and to deny our children the prosperity and freedom we enjoy.

Nearly all of us have all lead charmed lives here.  We have not starved.  We have not had to huddle in burned-out buildings.  We have not been seized and forced to work for nothing as slaves.  We are rich.  We are pampered.  We are complacent.  But what is it that you and I are doing that is so important that we cannot take some time out to fight this menace? 

We have a simple task.  We have to find our fellow Americans.  We have to spread information from person to person.  All over Portland are normal people, who happen to be registered as Democrats or independents, who sense something is seriously wrong.  They know their Party has been in power for a long time, but things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse.  They sense that somehow, their party has become someone else’s party, the party of more government, and they are not happy about it.  You can persuade them to change course.

If we work together, even a little bit every day, we can persuade our neighbors just how important it is to reform and revive American ideals, and to overpower the corruption destroying them.  We can help build a great wave of unrest in Multnomah County, to the point where everyone recognizes “something in the air" and more and more join our cause.

I know that our President is not popular in Multnomah County.  Many of you probably don’t like Donald Trump because of his crude, frat-boy remarks about women.  But he is a product of this “something in the air”.  The wind is rising.  It can blow in many directions from here.  It can be the foul, stinking wind made by satanic mobs of Leftists, it can be the cheap perfume of authoritarians promising public order, or it can be the sweet smell of revival, of a restoration of all that is great and special about our country.  It only depends upon you, and I, and all the others with whom we come in contact, and influence.

So I ask you to join us.  I ask you to help us lift America off its declining path.  Help us to storm the cockpit, and overpower these hijackers who are flying the American plane into the ground.  Help us throw out corrupt leaders like Governor Kate Brown, and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, and all the other Democrats we have poisoning the future of Oregon.

We are truly blessed, because we still have the right to vote, and watch closely when the votes are counted.  At the Republican Party, we think your highest priority ought to be to help us elect Republicans, because even if we have a lot of crappy candidates, they nearly always better than Democrats. 

Find yourself a candidate who represents an obvious improvement over the corrupt incumbent, and work for him or her.  Hold your nose to his or her faults, and remember that we will have the chance to replace them with even better candidates as soon as we find them.  That is what we are going to have to do in the U.S. Senate if our Republican Senators don’t get off their lazy, cowardly behinds and start working with the House to pass the legislation they have been promising us for years.

The world is run by those who show up.  For too long, we have not been showing up.  We sit in front of our computers and televisions, and we let other people take care of things.  Maybe once upon a time there was such a thing as a politicians that was a “public servant”.   Now, they seem to be as scarce as hen’s teeth.  But most of our modern leaders don’t really care about us at all.  The only thing they care about is holding power to reward themselves. 

A stronger Republican Party can make a real difference by holding its leaders accountable.  But we are not strong now.  There is not a single paid employee in the Party, and we are failing in our most fundamental tasks because we don’t have enough volunteers to do our job.  We should have nearly 2,000 Precinct Committee People in Multnomah, but we have less than 200. 

Our bylaws provide for active committees to carry on the business of the Party, and there aren’t even enough volunteers to form these committees.  These are committees like the Budget Committee, the Finance Committee, the Research Committee, the Precinct Organization Committee, the Candidate Recruitment and Training Committee, the Audit Committee, the Voter Integrity Committee, the Publicity Committee, and the Candidates Assistance Committee.  Almost all of these Committees are empty. 

If you care about the future of Oregon, and the future of America, what more can you do than work for Republican candidates or the Republican Party?  We live in a world where the evil billionaires, the George Soroses of the world, can buy elections unless a solid grassroots effort arises to stop them.  The Republican Party of Oregon is the perfect vehicle for the grassroots to organize and bring sanity and morality back into public policy in Oregon and the Nation.  The field is wide open for you to step up and make a difference.

Those of you who are religious people, you may believe that only a religious revival can save America, and that may be true, but even that isn’t going work if Christians don’t mail in their ballots and the commies do.  The commies tell us that religion is that opiate of the people.  But as a Czech writer (Czesław Miłosz) once said, maybe the real opiate of the people is the belief in nothingness after death—the huge solace of thinking that we are not going to be judged for all our sins and failures. 

I don’t want go to my grave without having made some real effort to put things right and true. I don’t want my grandchildren to look at me and say:  why did you vote for these monsters, grandpa?  Weren’t there other choices?  There is another choice.  There is always another choice, even it is not smooth and polished, and even if it is the lesser of two evils

Politics is a game like football, where we must fight for every inch of field, to move the ball back to the goalpost of Constitutional government.  We are making progress, inch by inch, and I hope you’ll help me fight for more inches, and feet, and yards.  Our next Central Committee meeting is December 4th, at 7:00 p.m., at the Shiloh Inn at the airport.  We invite you to come and find people to work with to make things better.  

We are not so organized that we can hand you a list of things to do.  Look to your left; look to your right.  You are the leaders we need.  It is up to you to motivate your friends and neighbors to help you work on the things you think will make a difference.  That is how a grassroots movement works.  The Multnomah County Republican Party and I stand ready to help you with information and tools, but we cannot make a difference without you. 

And if you can’t work for candidates, or work on committees, or work just to meet your neighbors and start waking them up, the last thing I ask for is money.  We are putting workers on the streets of Portland, changing one mind at a time, and gathering signatures for initiatives, but these efforts cost money.  Give whatever you can to help, but the real work is changing hearts and minds, one human being to another, one at a time.  

Thank you.

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  • Gary Diers
    commented 2018-01-10 17:43:23 -0800
    It was only in January, 2018 that I read the text of Republican Chairman James Buchal’s speech to the Downtown Republican Women. This speech and these comments could have had much broader impact and created a viable focus for community dialogue if more widely reported. I congratulate James Buchal on presenting such cogent commentary in a public forum
  • Sonny Yellott
    commented 2017-11-08 16:10:54 -0800
    It is great to finally have a Chair capable of articulation in an understandable format.