MCRP Petition to Re-Open Oregon Reaches 1,000 signatures

The Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) is pleased to report that over 1,000 people have signed its online petition to re-open Oregon for business (available here:  While Oregon has failed to report results from random antibody testing of the population to confirm the percentage of Oregon’s population that has already acquired immunity to the virus, there is ample data available from tests throughout the country to confirm that the fatality rate of the virus is a fraction of early estimates.   

“It is well within the capacity of Oregon’s government to protect those known to be vulnerable to the virus, isolate those confirmed to be infected, and open most workplaces and small businesses, using prudent precautions to limit risks associated with large gatherings,” said MCRP Chair James Buchal.  “There is no justification for continuing massive restrictions on the freedom of Oregonians to make their own risk assessments, and protect themselves, their families and their customers or clients.”

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