Multnomah County Republicans call for legislative leaders to put a hold on all legislation tainted by Cylvia Hayes

Today, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber held an extraordinary press conference. The presser was originally publicized as an opportunity to shed light on the new allegations of wrongdoing by his fiancée Cylvia Hayes.

Instead, the governor dodged the most important issues regarding Hayes, her consulting work, and allegations of influence peddling in the governor’s office. Less than 20 minutes into the press conference, Kitzhaber stormed out, leaving many questions unanswered.

While Oregonians are left in the dark about relationships between Hayes, her clients, the governor, and his policies, Multnomah County Republicans urge a careful review of legislation promoted by Hayes and her clients.

Multnomah County Republican Chair Eric Fruits has a suggestion for the Oregon House and Senate leaders: "Salem should shelve any legislation that has any connection to Cylvia Hayes, her consulting firm, or her clients until the Ethics Commission and FBI investigations are completed. It’s a simple matter of transparency and good government that crosses all party lines. Oregon taxpayers cannot afford to pay for any more special deals tainted by the possibility of corruption."

Vice Chair James Buchal was harsher, suggesting that "In any state where all government accountability was not crippled by decades of control by the same criminal gang, indictments would already have been issued."

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