MCRP Asks Jail to Document Sanctuary City Costs

The cover of this week’s Portland Mercury asks readers to turn to page seven to learn how “Republicans’ Health Care Meddling Could Screw the County”.  The story, however, documents how Multnomah County is now set to spend $19.3 million this year on inmate healthcare, up from just $13 to $14 million as recently as 2011.

The story also reports that some of the largest individual costs are imposed by inmates not eligible for Medicaid, forcing County taxpayers to pick up the tab.  Naturally, the article does not mention the possibility that “sanctuary city” policies are forcing Multnomah County taxpayers to pick up the costs of illegal aliens; the Mercury would rather mindlessly blame Republicans.

“The Multnomah County Republican Party is today filing a public records act request to identify the total percentage and amount of these costs arising because inmates are ineligible for Medicaid, and what percentage of those are not legally present in Multnomah County,” said James Buchal, Chair of the Party.  “The taxpayers of Multnomah County deserve to know whose policies are really ‘screwing the County.’” 

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