This morning, independent Journalist "Villain Phoenix" interviewed the alleged operator of Riot Ribs, which has been operating across the street from the federal courthouse under nightly siege by Portland rioters.  The interviewee, who identifies himself as "Lorenzo, who started Riot Ribs," claims that "Earl Blumenauer, the Democrat for Oregon, he donated and told his friends to, so we got $600,000."  The MCRP condemns Congressman Blumenauer's support of rioters in Portland, and urges Congressional District 3 voters to vote for his opponent, Joanna Harbour, in November.

"This incident is just one more piece of evidence that the rioters in Portland should be viewed as the militant wing of the Democratic Party gang running Portland," said Party Chair James Buchal. "We previously saw a public statement by the Congressman in support of another riot-related entity, Cider Riot, and watched as Mayor Ted Wheeler tweeted his condolences when an Antifa member was gunned down near Cider Riot. Now we hear of alleged direct financial support."

The MCRP calls upon the so-called professional media of Portland to follow up on Mr. "Phoenix"'s work and investigate just how this illegal riot-feeding enterprise has found hundreds of thousands of dollars of support. Restaurants all over Oregon have closed under a dictatorial Democratic regime, yet Riot Ribs is supported to operate in violation of multiple health and safety regulations and guidelines.

The MCRP also notes that the vehicle in which Lorenzo is sitting, across the street from multiple Portland Police officers, has no rear license plate, which ought to raise additional questions about possible orders to the Portland Police to let riot-related vehicles operate unlawfully in the vicinity of the courthouse.

Ironically, Lorenzo complains about the "thugs" that have been operating freely in the Park. The MCRP hopes that he and other members of the black community in Portland will push back against radical Antifa members who have hijacked legitimate concerns about police accountability, and join with the Party of Lincoln in calling for the restoration of law and order in Portland.

Those who wish to support the work of Mr. "Phoenix" may contribute at the gofundme link below.

Supporting Materials:

Interview Excerpt posted on YouTube

Full video posted on Villain Phoenix Channel (excerpt from approximate 15:06)

Gofundme link for Mr. "Phoenix":

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