New Leaders and New Helpers Needed on Committees

Multnomah County Republican Party wants to welcome a new batch of PCPs to our precinct organization.  We have plenty of room for many hands to make light work for us all including some leadership positions.  


We have a Voter Integrity committee that oversees the election process at the county elections office.  The chair of this committee tragically passed away and the committee has needed a new leader ever since.  Two men on this committee have been serving for a number of years.  Their experience as a super-user observer will be invaluable, and they are willing to pass on all their expertise to someone willing to jump in.  They need help.  Watching the election process to ensure a fair election is very important function of the party.  This could be an intriguing and satisfying role for an interested party.

The Candidate Committee has been missing a leader for two years now.  It has two members willing to help one of which has helped on numerous campaigns and has been a candidate himself, but this committee has no leader able to invest time and effort into it.  Finding candidates to run and training candidates on what to expect is a very important function in our party.

The Street Level Publicity has plans for booths in neighborhood fairs and has more booths planned than they have leaders. We have support, supplies and the basic blueprint to get you started! It is a short term leadership opportunity.  Specifically we need a leader for the August 13th event, October 15-16th event, and a co-coordinator for the August 20th event (to handle the later shift). 

Please consider how you can lend your talents to helping the Mutlnomah County Republican Party.  

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