OPB Think Out Loud: A chance for Republicans to comment on the Portland mayor's out of control spending plans

Tell Portland's mayor what you think of his lack of leadership and his out of control spending plans.

Portland Mayor (and former Republican) Charlie Hales will be on OPB's Think Out Loud today at noon on 91.5 FM.

This is the mayor who couldn't balance his budget, so he tried to force a $43 million tax increase on Portlanders ... without a public vote.

Now ... all of a sudden, Mayor Hales has found money to

  1. Offer a $15 minimum wage to all full-time city employees,
  2. Provide a $5,000 a year tax credit for business that hire ex-cons,
  3. Open a new multi-million-dollar psychiatric emergency center, and the list goes on ...

Listen in an hit the comments section on OPB's website.

Let's give the mayor a lesson in Fiscal Responsibility 101.

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