Oregonian Guest Post: How Portland ignores its working class

The Oregonian agreed to publish my guest column on liberal Portland ignoring its working class - the folks who pay all those taxes. ~ Jeff

Amid the rubble of Hillary Clinton's defeat, liberals wondered what went wrong. Not unreasonably, some folks discovered that Democrats had ignored Rust Belt working class voters in assembling what they mistakenly believed was an invincible coalition of aggrieved interest groups.

But liberal Portland can't be accused of ignoring the working class, right?


Any objective analysis of Portland's treatment of the working class demonstrates that Portland has acted just as badly. It's just not the type of introspective examination that interests our self-congratulatory leadership.

Politically inconsequential East Portland went safely ignored, except on property tax day, when folks must pay for the green temple we like to display to the nation - a temple so far from the reality of the lives of East Portlanders.

The city's East Portland adviser, Lore Wintergreen, summed it up. "When I first worked with PBOT (the Portland Bureau of Transportation), about 16 years ago ... we'd say that the city didn't go past 39th.... There was really no comprehension we had a city past that."


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