We're Raffling Off An AR-15 Again!

Multnomah County Republicans Announce
Another Gun Raffle, Brisk Ticket Sales For
Lincoln Day Dinner Featuring Rafael Cruz

Portland, OR January 13, 2014:  Multnomah Country Republicans recognize the incredible time of year we are in. In successive months to start the year, we celebrate the legacy of two great Republicans who demonstrated leadership and courage that all of us still lean on today: Martin Luther King, Jr and Abraham Lincoln. In celebrating these two men, and the denial of the rights they fought so hard against, the Multnomah County Republican Party announces that we have started our third raffle for an AR-15 rifle (or handgun of the winner’s choice). The drawing will be held at our Lincoln Day Dinner on February 15th, 2014. Tickets are once again $10 apiece, or 12 for $100, and there is a hard cap of 500 tickets in the raffle.

TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS: CALL ANNE MARIE GURNEY  AT 503.901.5635 OR OUR OFFICE AT 503.956.0919. You do not have to be present at the drawing to win - but we'd really like to see you there :)

Multnomah County GOP Chairman Jeff Reynolds said, “We are here to reaffirm our strong defense of the Second Amendment and the right to personal protection. The Bill of Rights is inviolable, despite what the gun-grabbers in Salem might try.”

Reynolds went on to say, “We’ve recently caught wind that the Democrats in Salem, led once again by Ginny Burdick, will attempt to take away our personal right to bear arms. The Multnomah County Republican Party remains steadfast in its dedication to defeating such efforts.”

Multnomah County Republican Vice Chair Anne Marie Gurney echoed these sentiments, saying, “Those who would erode our 2nd Amendment rights in Salem fail to recognize that Oregonians, no matter their party registration, are opposed to their efforts. Voters will make this known in the upcoming legislative session, but more importantly, on November 4, 2014. One right you just don’t try to take away is the right of an Oregonian to own guns.”

The Lincoln Day Dinner, at which the drawing will be held, promises to be a special event. Another great Conservative, Rafael Cruz, will be the keynote speaker, speaking of his inspirational escape from tyranny and embracing the American Dream. Multnomah County Republicans are dedicated to fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights, as well as everyone’s opportunity to achieve the American Dream. We recognize that those who oppose the unfettered, legal ownership of rifles are also attempting to put legislation through our upcoming legislature that will make it easier for criminals to own guns, and harder for hard working citizens to own one. The Multnomah County Republicans invite all those who would like to celebrate constitutional liberty to RSVP for the Lincoln Day Dinner and to purchase a raffle ticket at our website, www.multnomahgop.org. According to Chair Reynolds, well over 100 tickets to the Lincoln Day Dinner have already been sold, and a sellout is expected. A quick sellout of the raffle tickets is also expected.

Press inquiries or more information:
Contact the MCRP office at 503.956.0919
Or email [email protected]

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