Remarks from the Labor Day 2019 Picnic

Several speakers, including but not limited to Senator Chuck Thomsen, Representative Mike Nearman, and National Committeewoman Chris Barreto, attended our Labor Day 2019 Picnic and Fundraiser.  What follows below are the closing remarks of Chair James Buchal.

Thank you all for coming. It is wonderful to see a group of like-minded people coming together for an event like this, and all involved deserve a lot of credit. In my closing remarks today, I want to talk about how bad things are really getting, and the hope that we can begin to unify Americans to steer this country in a different direction.

The older I get, the more I realize that the answer to so many questions is in the Bible, and so I want to begin today with a reading from the Book of Luke, Chapter 4. We are at a point in Jesus’ life where he is in the wilderness, being tempted by the Devil.

The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be yours.”

Now I meet a lot of people who call themselves Christians, but few who think about what the Bible is really saying. Have you ever really thought about what it really means if political power were in the hands of the Devil to give or take away? By political power I mean the ability to control others, to set the agenda, to control the narrative.

It was the genius of our Nation that our Founding Fathers tried to limit political power. Think of all their slogans. That government is best which governs least. Government is a necessary evil. Government is like fire, a tool that can easily destroy and must be carefully contained.

But in the twentieth century, we see the rise of doctrines like communism and fascism that have murdered hundreds of millions of people with the simple idea that everything is about political power; nothing is outside the state. Many people reject Christianity and the Bible, but the common ground we have with those we can still call our countrymen is that they don’t want everything to be about political power either. They want to live their own lives without always looking over their shoulder. We need to promote this classic American ideal front and center as Republicans.

As government grows more and more powerful, power-seeking Democrats become more and more diabolical in their attacks on those who defend the ideals of the Founding Fathers. We all remember when Hillary called us “the deplorables”. We were “racist, sexist, homophobic” and hopelessly believing in “God and guns”. Ten years ago, those were private remarks at a meeting of rich Democratic donors. Today, this is the Narrative pushed by the New York Times and nearly every leading Democrat. This is all happening very, very fast.

Democratic politicians now work overtime to stir up real hatred against conservatives, especially about immigration. The simple concept of controlling a Nation’s borders is now equated with “Nazi white supremacy”. This summer Beto O’Rourke called Trump’s language about Mexican immigrants “reminiscent of something you might hear in the Third Reich.” Senator Bernie Sanders declared that “all of the evidence out there suggests that we have a president who is a racist, who is a xenophobe, who appeals, and is trying to appeal, to white nationalism.” Senator Cory Booker declared Donald Trump was responsible for mass murder in El Paso “because he is stoking fear and hatred and bigotry.”

The Democrats are doing this because illegal immigration has already flipped California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. And if they can flip Texas, that’s it, game over for the foreseeable future, the Electoral College is gone for Republicans. We as Republicans have common ground with most Americans, who see nothing wrong with controlling borders to keep out people who are here for free stuff and don’t want to obey our rules.

The Portland Public Schools is ground zero of another focus of the Democrats: hijacking public education for the socialist revolution. Decades ago, the John Birch Society warned that the federalization of local education was a necessary prerequisite for a totalitarian state, but all the respectable Republicans laughed at them and marginalized them.

Slowly but surely, local control over education has withered away, in a revolution led by the federal courts. They began with the astounding lie that teaching about Christianity in public schools was the unconstitutional establishment of a government church. The truth is that Christian religion was at the core of the American Revolutionary War, as in the slogan, “We have no king but Jesus”. It was a key source of American independence and freedom. Later it eliminated the institution of slavery. Yet our courts now paint Christianity as a danger to children.

It’s gotten to the point where a student can no longer pray at a graduation ceremony, because someone might be offended. Again, think back to that Bible verse about the devil and political power—you might say that Jesus Himself was expelled from the Nation’s schools because He stood in the way of all-powerful government.

The Narrative pushed by the Democrats is really a whole alternative morality that calls good evil and evil good. It is no coincidence that Tenth Commandment says you shouldn’t covet anything your neighbor has, but Democrats are focused like a laser beam on inspiring covetousness. They do this because people who resent the success of others, and want something for nothing, tend to vote Democrat.

It is no coincidence that as the idea of a Christ that cleanses us from all unrighteousness, and frees us from guilt, has vanished from public discourse, many Americans are now riddled with guilt for living in an affluent society. The idea that economic success comes only from the exploitation of others is another massive lie, but it’s the Democratic Narrative. Who can forget President Obama’s “you didn’t build that”?

Instead of Christian morality, we have Leftist morality, like “drag queen story hours” so that little boys can be pushed into turning into little girls, and vice versa. In Portland, it is now official policy that if your little boy decides he is a little girl, or vice versa, he can decide, with the help of LBGTQ activists, that he needs drugs and surgery--all without telling the parents. Again, ordinary voters will stand with us to say this has gone too far.

We have the false religion of environmentalism, one of the oldest heresies out there: worship of the created, rather than the Creator. And it leads to grandiose demands for a Green New Deal, a socialist revolution with global government to save the earth.

All this starts in the elementary schools and reaches into the universities. Nearly every freshman college orientation now has training sessions on “white privilege”. Identity politics dominates higher education, with administrators, students and faculty obsessively categorizing themselves and each other by race and oppressed status and what pronouns should be used.

Worse of all, reason itself is being destroyed as standing in the way of the Revolution. Our schools are not teaching logic and reason, or evidence-based decisionmaking. They are teaching what they call “critical thinking”. I turn to the new new California state standards for a definition: “evaluat[ing] phenomen[a] through the lens of systems, the rules within those systems, who wields power within systems and the impact of that power on the relationships between people existing within systems.” California’s new standards will teach children that capitalism is described as a “form of power and oppression,” alongside “patriarchy,” “racism,” “white supremacy”.  

I filed a lawsuit against the Portland Public Schools for weaponizing children into Leftist anti-gun protesters, which is just one species of Leftist indoctrination now underway. The legal theory was pretty simple: as Thomas Jefferson famously said: “to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhor[s] is sinful and tyrannical.” The Supreme Court has long held that doing this violates your First Amendment right not to speak, and last year, the Supreme Court even referred to that Thomas Jefferson quote in the Janus case to strike down mandatory public union membership dues.

In Portland, we have mandatory school taxes, and using those taxes, the Portland Schools conducted a campaign of lies and fearmongering against guns and the Second Amendment for weeks, in nearly every class, even science classes. Then they set the school bells to form a special protest period, and sent all 70,000 kids into the courtyards and streets, chanting things like: “Hey ho, hey ho, the NRA has got to go.”

At the time, the schools all lied and said these were student-led protests, allowing the students to express their personal political views. After the lawsuit was filed, the story suddenly changed, and now the students were simply agents of the government carrying a government message, not private actors at all. The Portland Schools told the federal court that you have no constitutional right to stop government officials from taking your tax money and using it to say whatever they want to say. And they won. According to Magistrate Judge Jolie Russo, local school districts can foster mobs of student protestors to attack conservative positions, because that’s just “government speech”.

Now I will appeal that decision, but it may well stand. And what is the lesson for those of us on the right? If one side is raising up a generation of gun-grabbing socialists who want to enslave us all to build the Green New Deal, we can raise up classes of students to oppose them, if we have the courage to do it. If the Portland Public Schools can teach elementary school kids to chant “Hey ho, hey ho, the NRA has got to go,” why can’t the public schools in Dallas, or Redmond, or Ontario teach them to chant: “Hey ho, hey ho, Roe v. Wade has got to go”?

There are legions of Republicans across this state who could run for local school boards, and hire administrators who could politicize their schools just the way Portland has. That’s not ideal, but what does it mean if that doesn’t happen? Isn’t it obvious which side wins?

This movement to take away guns and freedom and destroy all Constitutional limits on government power, is not something abstract, or far away. This is about conquest, and subjugation, and the exercise of power to destroy opposition that is happening right now in big cities all across the country.

And the Republican Party is being destroyed, because we cling to the illusion that the Democrats don’t really mean what they say. We cannot face the fact that the new generation of Democratic leaders are no longer our countrymen, but something different, something alien to the American experience, and something dangerous. It is up to us to take control of local school districts, and teach about a different kind of oppression: the oppression of the corrupt Democratic elites and their attacks on American ideals.

Slowly at first, and then faster and faster, we move back to the times of tyrants, like the kings who used to govern Greek cities. Let me tell you a true story about that. There were two tyrants, one called Periander, who asked the other one, Thrasybulus, for advice how to exert political power. And Thrasybulus says nothing, but walks through a field of wheat and cuts off each head of wheat that stands a little higher than the rest.

And now I will quote the ancient Greek historian Herodotus:

“Periander . . . understood what had been done, and perceived that Thrasybulus had counselled him to slay those of his townsmen who were outstanding in influence or ability; with that he began to deal with his citizens in an evil manner.”

We are not there yet. For now, we have courts and prisons, and only occasionally do people get killed.

Which brings me to the subject of Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer. Like a head of wheat standing above the rest, Mr. Gibson has been a leader in showing the dirty little secret that Portland fosters and tolerates Antifa violence. They may prosecute a few Antifa members from time to time that are dumb enough to go around without masks, but most of them follow the rule, “no face, no case,” and of course our Mayor won’t do anything about that.

What a name, Patriot Prayer! Doesn’t it just reek of white nationalism? Because what is patriotism but nationalism? And prayer, that’s that awful thing that cannot come anywhere near a public school. Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer are just about at the bottom of the identity politics totem pole.

Many of you know that on May 1st, Joey showed up at a protest someone else had organized, and stood on the sidewalk in front of a bar called “Cider Riot,” which holds fundraisers for Antifa, and called it out as an “Antifa bar”. And soon, one of the masked Antifa girls threw a drink at the protesters, and they all started pepper-spraying each other, and a couple of fistfights developed.

And through all that, Joey just stood there and recorded what was going on, with a running commentary. It is all on video. The Antifa people spit on him, and pepper-sprayed him, and physically attacked him, and he did not retaliate.

And so what happened? All the Portland Political leaders blamed him, Cider Riot sued him, and now he has been indicted for the felony crime of riot. The story of the propaganda campaign against Patriot Prayer is right out of George Orwell’s 1984. If you collect all the media coverage, and the political statements, as I have had to do in the last few weeks, you will see something like the “two minutes of Hate” that Big Brother was constantly bringing on against Emmanuel Goldstein.

Does anyone remember that The Oregonian used to have a token conservative columnist, Elizabeth Hovde? She dared to write something positive about Mr. Gibson, and that was it for her. The detective, who worked with Joey to get intelligence on the protests, no longer working in that job.

The lawyers of Portland, who happy to help Antifa, wouldn’t represent Mr. Gibson. He finally came to me, and I took the case, because I think what has happened here is not just about Joey, but it is about tyranny.

The whole experience has been a real eye opener for me, and makes me want to talk about just how bad things can get. We now have armies of intolerant, mean-spirited Left-wing extremists trying to harm people simply for having a different political opinion.

If you donate to President Trump or support right-wing causes, they will try and boycott you and your business. But this isn’t just about people posting on the Internet.

Most of you know about Andy Ngo, a video journalist got brain damage from an Antifa attack here in Portland this summer. Listen to his remarks on that subject: “the antifa people who beat & robbed me genuinely thought they were doing something heroic. The crowd cheered them on at the time & people on social media continue to do so.”

The media amplifies and cheers attacks on conservatives, and so ordinary people, who just watch TV and don’t think much, begin to think that harassing conservatives in restaurants, airports, as well as in their public functions is not just permissible but morally praiseworthy.

We now have hundreds if not thousands of Democrats who exercise power over cities, towns and schools who are acting as if harassment of conservatives is just fine. The police they control have stood aside again and again as Antifa has attacked conservatives.

They stood aside during disruptions of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign. They stood aside during disruptions of the inauguration. They stood aside in Berkeley, and Charlotteville. In Portland, they stand aside again and again as Leftist mobs close roads and attack conservatives.

And it’s not just about demonstrations. Just a few days ago, some poor deplorable out for a date on SE Hawthorne Street in Portland got bloodied for wearing a MAGA hat.

And as attacks on conservatives as racists, environmental criminals, fascists, and white supremacists become more and more common, isn’t it obvious that people are going to get killed?

You know, throughout history, mobs of poorly educated young people, manipulated by diabolical politicians, have cast aside the wisdom of elders and overthrown existing systems. Mobs driven by the worst elements of human nature attack their fellow countrymen. Usually there are vicious attacks on Christianity. In Spain, after the Left won local elections in May 1931, mobs of its supporters ravaged churches, raped nuns, tore down statutes and beat conservatives with impunity.  

This has happened in many, many nations. The French Revolution. Germany and the rise of the Nazis. China and the Cultural Revolution. Pol Pot in Cambodia. And some of you may roll your eyes at these comparisons, but have you looked at just how radical the Green New Deal really is?

People like Commie Barbie, or AOC or whatever you want to call her, who wake up at 3:00 a.m. afraid that capitalism is going to kill us all from climate change are very dangerous people. Their motto is “by any means necessary,” and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness go out the window when it’s about saving the world.

And a population that sees Nazis behind every door is dangerous. They are just pulling down a few statues now, but what happens when the public debts come due, and a vicious economic downturn cuts public benefits?   The Democrats won’t be blaming their own failed policies; they’ll blame whoever has the money they want to steal.

I do not despair because I believe that truth will ultimately prevail. We stand together as Republicans believing in timeless, fundamental truths that most people agree with.

We are the party that stands for treating people as having equal value as human beings, and deserving equal dignity and equal opportunity. We see that identity politics leads to totalitarian controls over every private decision in the hopeless quest to make all outcomes equal.

We are the party that supports a free enterprise system allows individuals to reach their full potential and has raised billions out of poverty. We see that communism always fails.

We are the party that knows that giving people in need a helping hand from local agencies is very different that creating mult-generational, permanent dependent classes.

We are not the only people who see all these truths, but many ordinary citizens are afraid to point out them out. Our duty as Republicans is to step forward with courage and educate our fellow citizens. Where else are they going to get the truth if not from their friends and neighbors? They won’t hear it on television, or on the radio, and a real effort is being made to lock it out of the Internet as well.

Every large media organization has fallen in step with progressive political theory and ideology. The First Amendment is vanishing, because it offers no protection against an unholy alliance of Leftist corporations working with Democrats. And we are one election away from losing the Second Amendment. The time is short.

As government controls more and more property, and more and more jobs, fewer and fewer ordinary Americans can be independent. We can’t count on government workers to spread the truth. We can’t count on those who work for large corporations to spread the truth. We can only count on ourselves.

And to be effective, we must be honest with others, and honest with ourselves. Being honest with others means admitting that many of our Republican leaders don’t live up to our ideals. Power-hungry leaders from both parties mortgaged our future with hopeless attempts to re-engineer the Middle East, ignoring the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. Power-hungry leaders from both political parties have mortgaged our future to buy votes with free stuff. Power-hungry leaders from both political parties blew through Constitutional limits on government power when it stood in the way of what they wanted. And power-hungry leaders from both political parties continue to cover up and excuse astounding crimes by privileged classes that seem to be above the law.

Ordinary Americans are angry about all this, and hungry to be part of a political movement that recognizes all these truths, but If we are not honest with them, they won’t listen to us.

Being honest with ourselves is probably hardest of all. To come back to the Bible, you may recall that in the Book of Samuel, Chapter 8, the Israelites cry out for a king. God tells Samuel “they have rejected me as their king”. And God warns the Israelites that the kings they want “will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.”

Too many of us are looking for kings today. We cast about looking for President Trump or other political leaders to save us, but even Republican leaders cannot save a corrupted Nation. We have to save ourselves and our neighbors, one person at a time. We’ll take all the help we can get, but we can’t wait for help from the state party, or the national party.

We can’t look to others for validation or approval. We have to have confidence in our ourselves. Our efforts to spread the timeless Republican ideals that fostered the American Revolution and built this Country will make a difference.

And we have to reach out to the people of Multnomah County and tell the truth.  We’ve got 428 days left to do it. Please join us in this great work.


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  • Dee Lopez
    commented 2020-02-22 12:26:11 -0800
    James you are awesome and I love you! When you tire of trying to fight the corruption of Oregon feel free to join Tony and I in NM. It’s pretty far gone too but not as bad, I’m hoping to educate a few. We miss you
    Delia Lopez