Republicans Call for an Anti-Mask Law

The motto of the Texas Rangers was “one riot, one ranger”.  The motto of the Portland Police appears to be "with more than 800 policemen and reinforcements from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department, and the State Police, we can’t do anything because we are outnumbered and concerned about officer safety”.  We doubt that heavily-armored SWAT teams really fear for their safety when faced with a handful of unarmored anarchists with bats and their snowflake fellow travelers.  We don’t think the police force on the street is made up of cowards.

But their leadership may be, or worse, intentionally facilitating an ongoing normalization and escalation of Leftist violence.  Police and City leadership that balances away the property rights of Portlanders against imagined risks of injuring protestors makes a bad bargain.  Those who participate in violent protests assume the risks that come from a forceful police response, and Portland’s failure to respond threatens to escalate political violence. 

Violence against property will escalate to violence against persons if allowed to continue.  As Republicans who are a distinct minority in this City, we must speak out against tolerance of violence by anti-Trump forces.  Already Trump supporters have been beaten without appropriate police response in other cities.  Future victims may not merely draw their weapons to deter attacks, like Michael Strickland, but may be forced to discharge them.

 If the Portland City Council wants to be anything other than a facilitator of violence against Portland’s hardworking citizens, it should immediately pass an ordinance that makes it unlawful to roam about the City after dark wearing a mask and carrying clubs, bats or other tools for breaking things.  This would help the police pick off the rapidly-multiplying worms in the apple of lawful protest.  Republicans introduced these laws against the KKK, and they are needed now that the Left is using the same tactics.  Good government prevents violence against both racial and political minorities. 

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