Survey Available for SW Corridor Light Rail Project - Action Needed

The very important issue of the SW Corridor Light Rail project is now providing us with an opportunity to voice our opinions.  This is the nearly $2 billion dollar SW Corridor High Capacity Transit project, originated by METRO, going mostly along Pacific Highway south to Tigard, Sherwood and Tualatin.  There have been a number of initiative efforts aimed at giving residents along the way a larger voice about what light rail projects happen in their local communities.  Please take advantage of this chance to voice your opinions.

There is much to consider.  There are far more cost effective ways that people can be moved from outlying areas like Tualatin, Tigard or Sherwood without building a light rail line that also involves expensive tunneling. The tunneling alone would cost $1 billion dollars for the total of the segments.  By comparison, in Snohomish County, WA, the bus agency started a double decker bus service from two communities to downtown Seattle for $23 million dollars.  


You can find a comment form at this link:   


Each segment of the proposed route is marked by a tear drop shape. The blue teardrop denotes a tunnel (Yes, cut through almost solid rock, and where is the mention of possible cost overruns?) For example clicking on a blue-green teardrop takes you to a page to comment on one of the tunnels. The yellow ones are for other segments and facilities on the proposed route.


For example, for the Hillsdale station you will be asked: 

"Is the price and construction impact of an underground transit station worth direct transit service to Hillsdale?" 


Clicking on "No."  yields more than a dozen segments that they ask for feedback on. 


You can also use the last page to provide some general feedback:   



Thank you to Ron Swaren  of Portland  for this post. 

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