The Speech the Anti-Free Speech Fascists Shut Down in Lake Oswego, March 4, 2017

This is a speech I got about halfway into before the anti-free speech fascists in Lake Oswego succeeded in shutting us down at March 4 Trump.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to the most important part:  what we need to do to help President Trump and help America.  We'll have to try harder next time.

It’s great to see so many supporters of President Trump.  We’re not afraid of the weather.   And we’re not afraid of the truth, either. 

I’m honored to have the opportunity to address you, and I’m going to start by telling you my favorite thing about President Trump is that he has exactly the right enemies.  And today I want to talk to you about those enemies, what an awful threat they pose, and how we can all help President Trump fight them.

Lying Media Is One Big Enemy

Our enemies make fun of President Trump for pointing out the fake news in the media.  Let me read you something President Thomas Jefferson said back in 1807: 

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.... I will add, that the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods & errors. ”

The media are filling the minds of Americans with falsehoods & errors even worse than back in 1807.  And that’s most of the problem with the ordinary folks who oppose us; it’s what Ronald Reagan said:  “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

Every day there is a rain of fake news from media.  The economy is recovering.  We can’t really adjust public pensions; the problems aren’t that bad.  Look, the stock market is up, so we’re all better off.  We don’t need manufacturing in this country; we can all get richer flipping burgers.  How many of you believe all that?

But now we are starting to wake up.  And that makes us what Hillary Clinton called the deplorables.  And since then, it’s gotten a lot worse.  Because if you just wake up to the point where you realize your own government has been screwing you for years, now they call you a Nazi or anti-Semite or a White Nationalist.  

What’s the Biggest and Most Diabolical Lie Now?  Russia

Our lying media wants us to believe that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, our Attorney General, is a secret Russian agent, planning to enslave us under a global Communist regime.  We all know that President Trump and his appointees want to put America First, not sell us out to the Russians.

And we know just exactly what political party, up until about one month ago, did want to sell us out to the Russians.  It’s the Democrats.  My whole life, and I’m an old man now, I’ve watched the Democrats trying to selling us out.   For the Democrats to be attacking the Russians on this issue is what the shrinks would call a massive case of psychological projection:  accusing others of doing what you are really guilty of.

Remember Ted Kennedy?  He and the idiot California Senator John Tunney--they used to call him the lightweight son of the heavyweight champion—had private communications with the KGB—its former head Yuri Andropov—on how to disarm the United States.   Bill Clinton made it possible for the Chinese to build ICBMs.  Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Soviet Russia.  Hillary approved a massive sale of uranium to the Russians.

Obama sat down with the President of Russia and was recorded on tape saying he’d be even more accommodating to the Russians, and no one said squat.  And now we are supposed to worry about Senator Sessions meeting with a Russian ambassador?

And now the Democrats calling for a special prosecutor?  There’s no law against talking to the Russians.  Our enemies are the worst kind of hypocrites.  They aren’t trying to protect America.  They are trying to protect and recover their own power.  Everything they do or say about public policy is always twisted in the service of their God:  unlimited power for them and their friends.   It is very clear that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are trying to sabotage the Trump presidency.  They won’t rest unless he is impeached or forced to resign. 

Heard the latest sort of creepy story:  Valerie Jarrett is even going to live with the Obamas in their Washington mansion.  You won’t read about it in the lying U.S. media, but an English newspaper says the mention will be “the nerve center for their plan to mastermind the insurgency against President Trump”.  And they are leading an army, with tens of thousands of trained agitators, under the banner of Organizing for America.  They are organizing against America.  It’s us who need to organize for America.

Why is Immigration So Important as an Issue

President Trump is the biggest threat to Leftist power all these Democrats have ever seen.   That is because he is dead on correct about the most important issue:  America First.  He wants to get control of immigration to benefit Americans. 

Once upon a time, immigration was simple:  if someone wanted to come over here, they found a sponsor responsible for them, and if they couldn’t pull their weight, they went back, or the sponsor paid the freight.  Most people are not against real, hard-working immigrants. 

And when farmers needed to pick crops, Mexicans could come up at harvest time and work which was a win-win situation for everyone.  But that wasn’t good enough for the Democrats.  They wanted people to stay here and vote for handouts to build Democratic empires of dependency.  So people like Senator Edward Kennedy re-wrote the immigration laws decades ago to flood this country with people from the Third World. 

By the way, returning to the subject of hypocrisy for a moment, let us not forget that Senator Kennedy wasn’t just a traitor reaching out to the Soviets to undermine Reagan.  He had a record of misconduct with women a mile long.  Remember when Senator Kennedy and his buddy Senator Chris Dodd trapped a helpless, screaming waitress between them to make a waitress sandwich?  Nobody said squat.  All the lying media and the lying Democrats, and even the RINOs who were all getting the vapors about President Trump last summer had no problem with Senator Kennedy.

But I digress.  As a lawyer, I can tell you it’s not just the politicians who have been selling this country out.  We now have an entire generation of judges in place who are not judges upholding the rule of law, but political hacks whose overriding imperative is to increase the power of the Democratic Party by any means necessary.  We can’t have people showing voter ID; that’d be unconstitutional.  Can you all find any clause in the Constitution saying voter ID is unconstitutional?  Of course not, they made it up.

I’m proud to say that Mike Nearman and I are pushing an initiative to amend the Constitution to require proof of citizenship before voting.  We’ve to collect 118,000 signatures by summer 2018, so I hope you all will be signing a petition.

It was Leftist judges that made up the whole concept of “anchor babies”.  What kind of crap is that?  Two parents sneak into a country illegally, and have a kid, and so now the kid is a citizen?  No other country is so crazy.  And then, if you want to deport the parents, everyone can start whining about the rights of the alleged American citizen child—how can you evil Trumpians want to rip the family apart?   Why can’t the kids just go home with the parents?  Who is really ripping the families apart here?

And then there’s all the immigrant crime.  If you take the time to read President Trump’s Executive Order on enforcement, you will see that he has made deporting criminals the priority.  How many of you have heard that Oregon immigration judges release 80% of the illegal aliens brought before them for deportation who have been charged with crimes?  How many of you heard about the Multnomah County judge who let an illegal alien go out her back door to escape the ICE agents in the hall?

Most of you know that the United States Code authorizes the President to suspend the admission of “any class of alien”.  And most of you know that the Ninth Circuit struck down the President’s order without even mentioning that statute.  What kind of judges write an opinion like that?  Not judges who have much to do with the rule of law. 

Modern judges dilute our Constitutional rights to nothingness with hundreds of pages of BS, and then in one sentence they stretch the Constitution out to cover any goatherder from Yemen who wants to cross the border and help establish sharia law in America.

Our enemies know that if they keep importing Third World foreigners with no tradition of liberty, no experience with liberty, and maybe not even any taste for liberty, they can destroy all limits on government.  Our enemies know they were on the verge of a permanent victory fueled by immigrant voting that would allow them to cast the Constitution aside forever, and then Trump was elected. 

So now our enemies are more dangerous, more ruthless and more determined than ever before.  We are in a life or death battle for the future of our society, and the globalists are not going away.  So now is not a time for complacency, because the very future of our country is at stake.

Global finance, global media, and global corporate culture are solidly behind this idiotic notion that we should have a world of open borders.  And they are solidly behind totalitarian PC thought-policing against anyone who objects.  Charitable foundations, think tanks, the NGOs—of the little minions of George Soros and his partners in crime—they’ve all signed up for this same mission. 

Those of you who are Christians should remember that the Book of Genesis teaches that God himself created the languages and nations to protect humankind against the evils of global government, and the Book of Revelation probably teaches us what will happen if President Trump loses and global government triumphs. 

And all the little snowflakes in Portland who complain about the rich are parroting the very idiocy the rich, who operate through all those entities, want them to parrot.  They know so much that isn’t so.  They need to wake up and realize that more and more powerful government is not the answer to their problems, it is a trap.  And we have got to educate them by telling the truth constantly, whether it offends them or not.

We Know This Nation Has Been Under Attack for a Long Time

 There is something special about the U.S. Constitution.  There is something special about America.  We may screw up a lot, but we are trying uphold the rule of law.  Our concepts of freedom, and inalienable rights were the most important political innovation in the last 1,000 years, and it is upholding America as an example to the world that will advance human program—not tearing it down to the same corrupt brain-dead reactionary socialist hellholes all over the world.

But now we have legions of government officials who hate the Constitution and subvert it by any means necessary.  Justice Ginsberg thinks the South African constitution is better than ours.  And they are dismantling our Constitution piece by piece.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit says you have no Second Amendment rights at all to own an AR-15s because they are “most useful in military service”.   

Isn’t is blindingly obvious that the whole purpose of the Second Amendment was to allow for American citizens to have weapons so that they could be called up as a militia against enemies, foreign or domestic?  In other words, for military service.  So how stupid or evil do you have to be say the Second Amendment does not even apply to weapons useful for military service?

President Trump has got to start appointing federal judges all over this land who know how to read the Constitution, and uphold the law.  But we need a lot more from President Trump.

What Do We Want from President Trump?

Republicans know that we need another I-5 Bridge that isn’t a $175 million toy train exercise.  We know streetcars are stupid.  President Trump wants us to imagine a real future, an optimistic future that isn’t strangled by the dead hand of government.  I can imagine that the future of mass transit is autonomous roving electric minibuses that offer door-to-door service summoned by smartphones, not 1890s streetcar technology making crooked Democrats rich. 

We don’t need multimillion dollar bikepaths.  We need roads and we need to put the pressure on Trump and the do-nothing Congress and the do-nothing Legislature to get them built. 

Republicans know our schools are failing to create enlightened citizens.  They are creating ignorant little snowflakes who think socialism works.  We know that throwing more money in that rathole without very serious structural change—like maybe voucher programs—is a waste of time.  We need to put the pressure on President Trump and the do-nothing Congress to abolish the Department of Education.  The rot in our schools is not coming from local school boards, it is coming from Salem and Washington, D.C.

Republicans know that morality is important, even if we can’t all live up to perfect moral standards.  We are the party that values human life and wants to treat people equally.  We are the party that stands with Dr. Martin Luther King and says we should judge people, and would should judge them by the content of their character—not by whether they fall into the right victim identity class.  We need to put the pressure on Trump and the do-nothing to set our churches free to hold politicians accountable in their pulpits by repealing the Johnson Amendment. 

Republicans know that our economy has cancer, and the cancer is government regulation.  No one can get a business going and hire employees without dealing with multiple agencies all demanding more than any small business can accomplish—usually for no public benefit whatsoever.  We don’t have law and order with police focusing on protecting people’s property and their lives.  We have the restaurant police, and the garage sale police, the plastic garbage bag police, the wild duck police, and the PC police and hundreds of other police forces we don’t need.

Republicans know that the having the federal government print trillions of dollars to cover trillions in debt is immoral, and cripples the economic future of our children.   I’m proud of our Oregon Republican Party because its platform says, and I quote:  “A vibrant economy cannot flourish when the Federal Reserve is allowed to destroy sound money, subsidize gigantic, corrupt financial institutions and rob savers of free market financial returns”.

That smooth-talking Obama ran up the national credit card from 10 trillion to 20 trillion.  And for what?  President Trump reminded us during the campaign that we spent trillions in Iraq, and didn’t get squat for it.  The truth is that our Military-Industrial Complex is riddled with crooked grifters like every other branch of government. 

Anybody remember how, the day before the 9/11 attacks, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said they couldn’t even track $2.3 trillion in transactions.  The rockets we have to intercept ICBMs from North Korea don’t work half the time.  Our corrupt military-industrial complex is one of the biggest swamps that need draining.

How Can We Get These Things We Want? Put the Pressure On

First and foremost, we have to put pressure on the Members of Congress.  it again.  President Trump may be listening to us, but to drain the swamp, he is going to need Congress’ help.   By this time during the Obama Administration, the Senate had confirmed nearly twice as many appointees for the new President.  So don’t be fooled by the fact they were all applauding President Trump earlier this week.  They are not getting the job done.  Newt Gingrich says at the present rate of confirmations, President Trump is not going to have real control of the government until June.  That’s one eighth of his first term.

Some of you write to the fake media; I want to suggest it’s a higher priority to write to all the Republican members of Congress and tell them if they don’t get off their dead asses, you will be actively supporting whoever is running against them in the Republican primaries.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Most of the Members of Congress don’t care about working Americans the way the President does.  What they really care about is losing their seats.  Our enemies know that, and focus on that weakness like a laser.

The Left is out there threatening them every day.  They are filling the town hall meetings all over this country.  Hell, they were out at the Mayor of Portland’s house in the middle of the night bitching about the Dakota pipeline, and he has already announced a plan to do what they want and stop doing business with Wells Fargo—because it’s one of 17 banks financing the pipeline.  The streets are falling apart, but the highest priority is placating protestors.

And when the Left shows up and threatens these Members of Congress, and we don’t, those Members of Congress are going to chicken out about solving America’s problems.  Remember, the Republican Congress blew it before when Bush was President, and they could easily blow it again.  The House passed bills six times during the Obama Administration repealing Obamacare, and now they can’t do squat?  Put the pressure on.

We have to put the pressure on President Trump too, when he gets things wrong.  And we’ve got to stop President Trump from making what might be his biggest mistake.  Because he’s a businessman, he might think he can save money by not appointing all the hundreds and hundreds of people he’s entitled to appoint.  We need to tell him, wake up, you can’t trust the Obama appointees and career bureaucrats to Make America Great Again. 

We should be writing to the President, and telling him, please, please get all your kind of people appointed.  You’ve got to appoint a whole army of people who want to Make America Great Again.

How Will We Know Things Are Improving?

Real reform means people go to jail.  Remember that:  real reform means people go to jail.  Attorney General Sessions and the FBI and the United States Attorneys all over this land need to start going out and nailing crooked Democratic politicians all over the country.  That’s the Democrats did when they were in charge. 

This State ought to be a target-rich environment for federal prosecutors—but only if President Trump starts appointing some new ones  I mean, can anyone really blow half a billion on dollars on websites and bridges that never get built without the stink of corruption?  Can anyone hand out tax credits to crooked green companies for years without the stink of corruption?  We need a new U.S. Attorney for Oregon now, to replace the one who says its just fine if a judge helps an illegal alien escape out the back door.

The sad fact for us here in Oregon is that President Trump has a lot of great ideas about making America great that involve what’s going on back East, or overseas, but he probably doesn’t know squat about Oregon.  He doesn’t know that with the federal government owning half of Oregon, our future depends on being able to use the resources on that land.  He has got to appoint new federal officials with responsibility for public lands in Oregon.  Tell him that!

He doesn’t know about the crooks who spent $250 million building an Obamacare website for Oregon that never worked.  He doesn’t know about the Oregon crooks who spent $175 million on the Columbia River Crossing bridge that never got built.  He needs to point a new U.S. Attorney to drain the swamp right here in Oregon.  Tell him that!

Remember, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and we need to start squeaking.  We can no longer be a silent majority.  We have got to get out there and put the pressure on.  It’s time for the silent majority to fight back.

So I say to you all:  the best is yet to come.  We will continue to stand together with President Trump.  We will continue to fight President Trum’s enemies, and America’s enemies.  And with the grace of God, we will get the place where we can once again be confident that our children will have better lives than ours. 

Thank you!

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  • Carol Leek
    commented 2017-04-04 10:50:04 -0700
    One of the best speeches I have heard! Thank you for putting this out there. I apologize that your speech got cut off. It wasn’t so much the screamer that cut you off as it was the police telling us that we must march now because the anarchists were moving into the park and they wanted us to get out of that area for safety purposes. The police were over paranoid and wanted to get this event over with! They also allowed the anarchists to block the sidewalk from Trump supporters, and instructed us to turn off the route. The police were in the wrong here. I was personally told by one of the LO tactical LEOs, “Don’t do this again”, referring to hosting the event in LO. I will do this again, and hopefully, they have learned enough to make this a more peaceful event next time.
  • Audrey Lundgren
    commented 2017-03-05 14:57:16 -0800
    I understand Trump supporters were wanting to cross a street on State Street, after they had been told to exit George Rogers Park and were prevented from doing so by a line of protesters who wouldn’t let them continue their march on toward A Avenue There were police all around who did nothing to change the situation. Were they ordered to “stand down?” I know a large number of people in the surrounding counties are not Trump supporters, so this should’nt have surprised me that there would be some opposition present. What I did not expect was the rudeness and the fact that this unruly crowd could have the power to shut down this gathering. The Multnomah Republicans went to a lot of trouble to obtain a permit to gather. I also understand that these protesters were suppose to have been at Millennium Park and not at George Rogers Park; and did they even have a permit to gather? I am thoroughly digusted with how the City of Lake Oswego did not have the interests of all citizens at heart! Shame on you!
  • Sonny Yellott
    commented 2017-03-04 14:40:34 -0800
    Talk it Buchal. Talk it. And talk it again. Tell them so they understand, then talk it again!