Tip of the Iceberg: Unraveling the Deep State Conspiracy Against Trump

Below is the speech MCRP Chair James Buchal gave at the February 8, 2020 Lincoln Day Dinner.  

This is a Lincoln Day Dinner, so let’s begin with a quote from President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  It is a solemn occasion, and President Lincoln says:

. . . we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

But what if we haven’t had a government like that our entire lives?  What if ever since our government began to operate in total secrecy, and print all the money it wanted, and flood it all over the world, it’s been run by gangs of criminals?  And what if most of most of our leaders have been puppets of these gangs, until President Trump came along? 

Tonight I’m going to suggest that this theory may explain a lot of weird things that have been happening since Donald Trump began to run for President.  The Democrats, who conspired with the Russians over the years, suddenly seem to be the worst enemies of the Russians.  And after being the anti-war party ever since the 60s, they are the pro-war party, freaking out when President Trump takes steps to get us out of the Middle East.  And we have some small-state, small city mayor who worked in military intelligence vaulting into in the lead to be the Democratic Candidate for President.

Now if large parts of United States government were really controlled by criminal gangs, where would we find them?  We’d find them in the shadows, in the places where no one looks, or more importantly, where it is illegal to look.  That’s where I want to focus this evening.

How many of you remember President Eisenhower’s warning that “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence . . . by the military-industrial complex” and that “only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals”?

And after that, President Kennedy issued his own warning that “we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings,” and that “there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment”. 

But President Kennedy underestimated the problem.  We are way beyond the very limits of official concealment.  We know that because of a whistleblower named Edward Snowden, who exposed a vast secret spying machine.  Now sure, he broke the law.  But what about the members of the Congress, who took an oath to uphold the Constitution, including the Fourth Amendment?  Think about the Fourth Amendment: 

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

But when papers and effects became chips and disks, all stored in a Cloud, Congress decided we don’t need no stinking Fourth Amendment. 

And Congress built a machine that can and does record nearly every piece of important electronic information that goes through the Internet, everyone’s private e-mails, telephone calls, web history, financial transactions. 

You might call it a diabolical imitation of the all-seeing mind of God, knowing many of our transgressions.  I even wonder if it is because we as a Nation have pushed God out of every corner of public and political life that this machine arises as a diabolical substitute to control us. 

We probably spend more than $80 billion a year running this machine.   And right there on TV, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, lied to the American people, and said the machine didn’t even exist.  By the way, when someone asked Edward Snowden why he blew the whistle, he said his “breaking point” was watching Clapper lie to Congress.

It’s hard to wrap your head around just how much power this machine gives to the people who are running it, like Mr. Clapper, or Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan.  They can spy on their friends.  They can spy on their enemies.  They can know what everyone is doing, since everything, especially international payments, leaves an electronic trail.  They can cover up their own crimes by deleting them from the database.  Remember Sen. Chuck Schumer’s remark?  "Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you."

And it’s not just the Intelligence agencies that get to do all this.  The Obama FBI had four private contractors roaming around in this database.   Who were they?  No one asks.  All of this remains top secret, but imagine you are a Democratic candidate—wouldn’t you want to have a friend in the Obama Administration tap into the machine and see what they’ve got on your opponent. 

Now the government was supposed to be only spying on foreigners, and if any Americans got recorded, their identities would be “masked”.  But guess what?  Multiple high-level Obama officials are making hundreds of “unmasking” requests.  Like the former Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers.  She has no responsibility to protect America against foreign spies, so what is she really doing?  Who is she unmasking?  The House Republicans wanted to know, President Trump said to release the information, but, surprise, it never came out. 

Susan Rice, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, was unmasking American identities all the time.  By the way, the infamous whistleblower against President Trump, Eric Ciaramella, was working for Susan Rice in 2015.  And it’s not just “unmasking” that is a problem.  It’s the searches of the machine themselves that generate the reports that are “unmasked”.  They are illegal and never should have been made.

In April 2017, a judicial opinion was declassified showing that from November 2015 to April 2016, 85% of the searches were illegal.  Since then, the machine claims it can’t even estimate how many of the requests were illegal after that.  And gee, sorry, we don’t keep records of what all these people were searching for. 

We the People never asked for this machine, just like we never asked for our military to run about 800 military bases in about 70 countries around the world.  And we never asked the intelligence agencies, the State Department, and the military to be constantly at work in these countries pushing things around one way or another.  Since it’s all happening over there, we the People don’t pay much attention, even as literally trillions of dollars fly out the door.

Now during the Obama Administration, the Ukraine was a hot spot.  The history is very complicated, but basically, there was corrupt government, and the people were unhappy.  The eastern part is more Russian, and the western part looks more to the West, and all sorts of corrupt factions were fighting for control.

And rivers of dollars begin to flow to the Ukraine, attracting more corruption.  Guess what country supplied more large individual contributions to the Clinton Foundation than any other country?  It was Ukrainians. 

And we all know Hunter Biden got on the Burisma gravy train in 2014, but so did some Republicans like Cofer Black, another CIA guy and former “Special Advisor” to Senator Romney.

Everybody was making money, as all the Ukrainians tried to ingratiate themselves with the Obama Administration.  And because most of these Ukrainians were fighting the pro-Russian factions, suddenly the Russians were the new enemies of all the grifters in the Obama Administration. 

By early 2016, the gravy train is running fast, and the Obama Administration is protecting all the grifters.  In a January 2016 White House meeting, hosted by Eric Ciaramella (funny how he keeps popping up, isn’t it?), someone tells the Ukrainians to back off and let the FBI investigate Burisma.  The Ukrainians don’t want to, so by March 2016, Biden makes the threat:  fire the prosecutor or we hold up a  billion dollars.[1] 

Now the Russians are spying all the time, and because the Democrats were running things in 2016, they were spying on the Democrats.   The funny thing is that the Dutch were spying on the Russians, and they told the Americans about the Russian spying on the Democrats as early as 2014.  Yet another mystery, to quote the Dutch newspaper: “it is not clear why the hacks at the [Democratic National Committee] could continue for so long despite the Dutch warnings.“

But if you’re a machine puppet, every crime you commit just helps the machine control you.  Like Hillary Clinton using a private e-mail server to run her State Department business, a clear violation of multiple federal criminal statutes.  Any non-machine official would have gone to jail.[2] 

We all know that the FBI is so corrupt, that if machine puppets are involved, the FBI will break every investigative rule in the book.  By the time the Hillary e-mail investigation is over the FBI is destroying evidence to protect her, and then Special Prosecutor Mueller’s team destroys the evidence of what the FBI was doing—by smashing FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s cell phone.  I’m not even going to get started on him.

And all this hacking and leaks has remarkable effects.  FBI Director Comey learns that the Russians claim to have an e-mail between DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a George Soros operative (Leonard Benardo), saying that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was going to make sure Hillary wasn’t prosecuted.  So now the machine can’t let Attorney General Lynch make the decision not to prosecute, because then the Russians might release the e-mail—it has to be Director Comey pretending to do it himself.

You can see the machine really, really knows what is going on.  Maybe they are irritated that the Russians could blackmail Clinton and the Democrats, but they are above all that.  What’s most important is that their puppet always wins the Presidency.  Which brings me to the plot to subvert Donald Trump

We know that in March 2016, someone gets into the e-mails of Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta.  Was it the Russians who stole the e-mails?  The machine says so, but no one can see the proof, of course. 

This timing is really interesting, because as early as March 14, 2016, this strange Maltese professor, Mr. Joseph Mifsud starts trying to feed a volunteer for the Trump campaign, George Papadopoulos, a story about how the Russians have e-mails to help the Trump campaign. 

And so the $64 question is whether Mr. Mifsud is a Russian agent or a CIA agent?  The recent report by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice says he’s not an FBI agent, but drops a footnote which is redacted as classified.  Two Senators have already written to the Inspector General telling him that the classified footnotes need to be disclosed because they make the whole report misleading.

Mr. Mifsud has disappeared.  Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham and even the Secretary of State went to Italy to investigate.  Crickets.  I think they found out that it was the CIA, through Mifsud, that was trying to entrap Papadopoulos. 

Now the machine’s cover story why we need a counterintelligence investigation against Donald Trump is that George Papadopoulos got drunk at a bar in May 2016 and told an Australian diplomat about the Russians having Hillary e-mails, and the diplomat called the FBI. 

Stop for just a minute and think about this.  What’s wrong with Candidate Trump taking dirt on Hillary wherever it comes from?  What would noncorrupt federal investigators do?  They’d pursue the crime of stealing the e-mails, and just ask George who told him the story.  But they already knew. 

And we have another setup going on, involving a guy named Carter Page, who starts volunteering for Trump in March 2016.  He’s obviously not a Russian spy because he ran to warn the feds in 2013 when the Russians tried to recruit him.   He may even have been working with the feds to prosecute one of the Russians in 2016.

And a second mystery professor shows up:  Professor Stefan Halper.  He invites Carter Page to a symposium in Cambridge, and pushes for meetings with higher-ups in the Trump campaign.  This professor is important because he shows that the rot is not just in the CIA, it’s in the military as well.  It was the Pentagon that paid Professor Halper a million dollars and doesn’t have a scrap of paper to show what he did for it. 

And by July 2016, CIA Director Brennan writes a memo to start Operation Crossfire Hurricane with the FBI, even though the CIA was spying already.  The FBI Supervisor in charge, by the way, is named Agent Joseph Pientka.  By August, he’s one of the guys the FBI is sending in to spy directly on the Trump Campaign.  Agent Pientka attends a mock presidential briefing with Candidate Trump and General Michael Flynn.

Let me digress a minute about General Flynn.  He is, like President Trump, a real threat to the machine.  He rose to be the Head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama, but he had a different view of the dangers of Islam, so he was forced out.  He’s probably going to be President Trump’s National Security Advisor, he really wants to change things, and he knows where all the bodies are buried.  So they are going to bury him. 

But getting back to August 2016, there is also the famous “insurance policy” discussions between FBI Agents Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe.  After years of investigation, we don’t really know what that means either, but it sure looks like an effort to build an official record to justify spying on Trump.  I mean, by this time, there starts to be a real chance that Donald Trump could get elected.  What if he’s elected and finds out they were spying on him the whole time?  They have to engineer a whole cover story to try and justify all of their illegal conduct. 

And so now we see the rise of the Dossier.  The Democrats are paying Fusion GPS and its guy Christopher Steele to put it together.  And he’s working with the wife of the number four guy in the Department of Justice, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr.   Mr. Ohr lies about his wife’s work on his disclosure forms, but hey, he’s with the machine, right?

So the wife, Nellie Ohr,[3] supplies true and misleading background facts, Christopher Steele just makes up salacious nonsense.  And you can be absolutely sure that everything Steele said was a lie because the Inspector General interviewed Steele’s alleged source (called the “Primary Sub-source” in the Report), who said Steele made it all up.[4] 

So nearly everyone involved had to know that the Dossier was a fraud,[5] but that doesn’t stop them from using it to commit fraud by making it the centerpiece of their case to spy on Carter Page.

How bad was this fraud?  There was even one guy who falsified an e-mail to hide the fact that Carter Page was a patriotic American who acted as a source for the CIA.  Very large numbers of federal officials involved, and no one has really been held accountable, even though prosecuting them would be like shooting fish in a barrel. 

The crime gang uses the Dossier as the centerpiece of its application for a warrant to spy on Carter Page from the secret court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.  The crime gang claims the Dossier proves that “the Russian Government’s efforts are being coordinated with [President Trump’s] campaign.” 

But in October 2016, the secret court rubber stamps the warrant to spy on Page.  This Court is not just secret; it is either crooked or utterly incompetent.  Later on, Congressman Devin Nunes will warn the Court about all these frauds, and the Court just blows him off.  Only after the Inspector General’s Report does the Court have to admit that it was duped, and then they hire someone to advise them.  I’ll let Congressman Nunes describe him:  “Of all the people in the swamp … this is the guy that you come up with?  The guy that was accusing me of federal crimes? The guy that was defending the dirty cops at the FBI? … The court must be trying to abolish itself.”  And surprise, surprise, the judge who wrote the opinion about 85% of the searches being illegal, suddenly she is retiring for health reasons.

Now this secret warrant to spy on Carter Page, it’s not just about listening to him.  As far as we know, there is something called the three hop rule, so that if you do a search on an alleged foreign agent, you are also allowed to look at the records of everyone he talks to, and the records of everyone who he talks to, talks to.  So a warrant on one guy may mean you can look the records of millions of Americans.

And a month after they get the whole spying set up, in November 2017, President Trump wins.

As far we can tell, our government is so rotten that there is only one guy in this entire machine who thinks it’s wrong to be spying on the new Commander in Chief.  That’s Admiral Michael Rogers.  He visits President Trump on November 16th and blows the whistle.  Two days later, CIA Director Brennan and the Secretary of Defense demand that Admiral Rogers be fired.  That’s how high up we know the corruption went—nobody has had the courage to finger President Obama yet.  What did he know, and when did he know it?  No one asks. 

The Obama Administration continues to spy and spread lies about President Trump being a Russian agent.  Two of the criminals who are still getting away with it, Mary McCord, the head of the DOJ’s National Security Division, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, lead the charge against General Flynn.   These two are so crooked, by the way, that back in 2015, they took preemptive steps to engineer a coverup in advance by making sure that all national security wiretap material is beyond the reach of the Inspector General.  That’s one of the reasons his reports have been so useless.  It’s all set up in advance.

And they all set up General Flynn like a bowling pin.  Agent Pientka, together with Agent Strzok comes to his office to interview him.  These two have listened to a tape recording of General Flynn’s conversation with the Russian Ambassador.  Again, nothing wrong with a foreign policy member of the Transition team talking to the Russians.  The whole idea is to ask him question after question about that conversation until he gets one answer wrong.  And he does.  (This, by the way, is why it’s never safe to talk to our modern law enforcement agencies.)

But what the agents got is so feeble that they have to spend weeks re-writing their interview notes to make it seem worse, with the help of Strzok’s girlfriend Lisa Page.  And the first draft of the notes, well, no one can find it.  All this is happening in a context where the FBI rules say you’re supposed to finalize the notes within five days—while you can still remember what happened. 

And now the machine gang starts the whole Special Prosecutor business.  After they neutralize Attorney General Sessions, we get the May 17, 2017, authorization memo by Rod Rosenstein, starting the investigation, and he keeps on expanding it, with more and more memos in August 2, 2017 and October 20, 2017.  It drags on and on, robbing us of the President we elected.  We didn’t want him to spend half his time fighting classified lies. 

 And by 2018, a few non-machine Republicans in Congress are waking up and saying to the President, you’ve got to start de-classifying all this stuff.  But good old reliable machine stooge Rod Rosenstein rushes in and says, no, no you can’t declassify anything, because it would threaten the Special Prosecutor investigation.  Even after May 23, 2018, when the President finally tells the new Attorney General Barr, to go ahead and declassify, it still doesn’t happen. 

So we get through the mid-term elections in November 2018 and lose the House, because all of the machine’s spectacular crookedness is still secret.  Now the Democrats can reach beyond the Special Prosecutor gambit, because they have the House, and they have the impeachment remedy.

And Mary McCord, remember, she was Obama’s head of the FBI National Security Division, she’s working for the Democrats now to push the impeachment.  This is why just firing people doesn’t do any good.  They need to be in jail.

By the way, Mary McCord’s Senior Counsel at the FBI was Michael Atkinson, and they dupe President Trump into appointing him the Intelligence Community Inspector General in November 2017.  He sets up the whole crooked procedure so that Eric Ciaramella, who has no first hand knowledge of anything, can make a whistleblower complaint.  And it was obvious that the whistleblower claim should never have seen the light of day under the rules that Mr. Atkinson was supposed to be following.

And in December, when the Inspector General releases his report on the 2016 conduct, it’s a total whitewash.  It’s sort of like: 
“Here are 50 facts that can only be explained by gross incompetence or bias, but we don’t see any bias.”  He can’t see any crime here.

 The Wall Street Journal says:  “More than ever it seems FBI headquarters . . . was under some unidentified outside pressure to spy on the Trump campaign.”  It’s almost like you have to be a deplorable to be able to see what is blindingly obvious.  These gangs of criminals in the military, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies are committing the greatest political crime spree in the history of the United States. 

Throughout this time, the machine is leaking like a sieve to blacken Donald Trump’s name.  All these leaks are all serious crimes too.  Even the Inspector General had to refer FBI Director James Comey for criminal prosecution for leaking.  But nothing happened.

And now we’ve come to the end of the impeachment process, and most of what has happened is still entirely secret.  I know that the Senate still says it will investigate, but the machine continue to stonewall the Senate.  Remember Agent Pientka?  The Senate Judiciary Committee has been trying to interview Agent Joe Pientka for nearly two years, but the DOJ has stonewalled the Senate Judicial Committee, and FBI Director Wray promoted Agent Pientka to an Assistant Special Agent in the FBI’s San Francisco office.

So now that we know that criminal gangs inside our justice, law enforcement, intelligence and even military agencies are all working to bring down the President, where do we go from here?  It’s always possible that Attorney General Barr will pull a rabbit out of a hat and start convicting people left and right, but it sure looks to me like the machine is trying to run the clock until they can put their next puppet in.  And that means the most important thing for America’s future—if we want any chance of a government of the People, by the People and for the People—is that President Trump has to win re-election.

We don’t help win that election by talking to Republicans—except to make sure they voted.  We don’t help win the election by talking to Democrats—except to discourage them from voting. 

We have got to focus on the people who are alienated by both political parties, because they don’t see them telling the truth.  Like us, they are disgusted with a government that doesn’t hold people accountable, from the elites and their criminal schemes, to the homeless that throw their garbage around. 

These people don’t really want to hear how great President Trump is.  Most of them don’t like him, but they still like our country, and American ideals. 

If they start complaining about the President, ask them if they think it makes sense to have a giant, secret surveillance machine that even the President cannot control, that sends its minions out to lie to us on television and the newspapers, over and over again.  Ask them whether they think that freedom can survive a machine that watches everything, and records everything, so that criminals within our government can protect their power.

Ask them if they agree that President Trump seems to be under attack by the ones running this machine.  And then the punch line—ask them if they see anyone else who dares to take this machine on.

And when you make progress with that, ask them about all these idiotic policies that the machine seems to support. 

Do we really want to sink into trillions of dollars in debt to police the Middle East?  We’ve spent twenty years in Afghanistan to create a new Sharia government totally alien to American ideals.  What is the goal over there?  Isn’t it obvious that the Democrats attack the President for any attempt to get us out?

Isn’t it the Democrats who would rather signal their virtue by turning illegal alien rapists loose, rather than protecting woman and children?  Isn’t it the Democrats preventing any compromise on immigration legislation? 

Isn’t it the Democrats leading the charge to sexualize our elementary schools, bringing in drag queens to teach them a bunch of lies about gender, instead of learning reading, writing and arithmetic, or maybe even elementary civics? 

Isn’t it Democrats blaming white privilege and white racism and white nationalism for the problems of America, using our tax dollars to create an army of race hustlers?  Doesn’t President Trump approach of trying to raise wages for everyone make more sense?

We’ve got 269 days until the election.  Please join us in getting off our couches, and away from our keyboards.  Let’s really get out and talk to the people around us.  Because the only real way to fight this machine is by waking people up, one by one.  You can go forth knowing that the truth is on your side.  We can win this. 

Footnotes (additional material that didn't make it into the speech):

[1] He even brags about it later on video. 

[2] Michael Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency said: "I would lose all respect for a whole bunch of foreign intelligence agencies if they weren't sitting back, paging through the emails."

[3] Nellie Ohr is a strange case.  She’s another apologist for Stalin like the CIA Director Brennan—remember, he even voted for Community Party Presidential Candidate Gus Hall.  The strangest thing is that before starting her efforts (May 23, 2016), she gets a ham radio license.  Why?  Because the machine doesn’t monitor ham radio, and whatever she is doing needs to be kept really, really secret.  So maybe she’s a Russian agent.  Who knows?

[4] Even the Department of Justice has now admitted that at least two of the later FISA applications to extend the spying against Page were illegal, the ones that were done after President Trump took office dated April 7 (signed by James Comey) and June 29 (signed by Andrew McCabe). 

[5] By September, the FBI is reaching out to a rich Russian guy named Oleg Deripaska for help, with whom they have some weird and crooked history from Mueller on down, and he laughs at their theory that the Russians are working with the Trump Campaign.  Later on, when the House Intelligence Committee is investigating this, Senator Warner is dealing with a lawyer who represents both Oleg Derispaska and Christopher Steele, and it sure looks a lot like he’s involved in making sure nobody hears Derispaska as a witness.

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  • Joanna Highet
    commented 2020-03-04 23:21:29 -0800
    John Solomon’s new podcast has some interesting developments that expound on your points regarding Carter Page and Flynn. The Epoch Times has also put together a high level timeline of the major players involved, and what roles they served, which is probably the best I’ve seen for those largely unfamiliar with all this. I often wonder what it will take for many of our citizens to see what’s right in front of them. Even after long discussions inarguable facts are causally dismissed. I guess as you say, one thing is for certain, we DO have the truth on our side, and it will eventually be set free.
  • James Buchal
    commented 2020-02-23 09:47:39 -0800
    The closer one looks for evidence that it was the Russians the hacked the DNC, the weaker the evidence looks. It is interesting that Julian Assange told Cong. Rohrabacher that it wasn’t the Russians, the Congressman tried to promote this idea, and Michael Bloomberg then donated $4 million to knock him out in the most expensive House race of 2018. One gets the impression of one great big crime family of Democrats, putting on their Punch and Judy shows for the public as they gradually wipe out all opposition.
  • Dee Lopez
    commented 2020-02-22 13:01:59 -0800
    My money is on Seth Rich as the leaker. May be why he was “robbed” and murdered. Though he still had his wallet, watch etc. I really hope our President Trump will “pardon” though I think that is the wrong word as they have not been convicted, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
  • James Buchal
    commented 2020-02-10 11:41:35 -0800
    I thought about including the Binney information, but came to the conclusion after reading the reference below that the true source of the hack cannot be proved definitively from the publicly-available technical data; it would be very interesting to hear Julian Assange’s testimony on what he knows. https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/a-leak-or-a-hack-a-forum-on-the-vips-memo/